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This Week in Fitness: 29th May-12th June


UK Active launches Fit Together campaign to convince the public it’s safe to return to the gym and how Xponential Fitness created national brands across eight different verticals.

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How Xponential Fitness Created National Brands Across Eight Different Verticals

Offering a diversified portfolio of specialized fitness concepts in eight unique verticals, Xponential Fitness is the largest curator of boutique fitness brands in the world. As an industry disruptor, the company was ranked in Fast Company’s annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. I sat down with Anthony Geisler, CEO and founder of Xponential Fitness, to learn more about their unique approach to the fitness world.

Via Forbes. Read the full article here.

Fit Together Campaign Launches to Convince Public It’s Safe to Return to the Gym

An industry-wide campaign will provide fitness operators with the practical resources needed to ensure a safe and successful return to business for the UK’s gyms and leisure facilities.

Called Fit Together and launching today (10 June), the campaign is led by industry body ukactive and will offer practical tools, advice and guidance based on the sector’s recommended framework for reopening. The framework has been developed by ukactive, shaped through consultation with operators and approved by independent scientific advisors.

The campaign’s focus will be on convincing the public that returning to gyms and leisure facilities will be safe.

Via Health Club Management. Read the full article here.

How Different Types of Gyms Are Adjusting for Life After the Pandemic

Big box gyms are not the only fitness spaces reopening for business. Here’s how yoga studios, martial arts gyms, and more will adjust.

All 50 states are easing COVID-19-releated restrictions on businesses, including fitness studios. If you’ve been cooped up for weeks, developing a one-sided bond with Adrien from Yoga with Adrien and really feeling the rigidity of your home’s hardwood floor against your ass while doing spine twists, you might be tempted to line up, mat in hand, the first day your yoga studio reopens.

As with all elements of post-coronavirus life, things will be different. Specialty fitness studios dedicated to disciplines like yoga, Pilates, martial arts, and rock climbing are making radical adjustments to curb the spread of the virus. Expect half-empty rooms, rules on physical distancing, and an end of walk-in classes and some shared equipment. Fitness studio owners say they will enforce face masks if their local public health authority mandates them, but they may not require them if they’re cumbersome to the particular exercise. Temperature checks at the door are a maybe. Hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere are a given.

Via Men’s Health. Read the full article here.

China’s Fitness Industry Goes Pay-Per-Workout via Mini Programs

Technology can revolutionize industries by giving life to business models that were previously not economically viable—China’s fitness industry is just one example where this is the case, enabled by the growth of WeChat mini programs.

When people take the big step and sign up for a gym, the question, “How many months would you like?” can be taken for granted. For most, it’s a bit of a headache. “What if I don’t like the gym?” Almost everyone asks themselves, or “What if my schedule changes?”

Paying per workout makes gyms less money than the typical locked-in plans because traditional gyms profit when their users don’t actually show up. If all paying members of Planet Fitness would suddenly follow their resolutions and work-out daily, the influx of people would be unsustainable.

Via Kr Asia. Read the full article here.

How Fitness Trainers Are Paving Their Own Way in the Post-COVID Digital World

LONDON, United Kingdom — Despite the coronavirus putting a huge amount of pressure on the UK’s fitness industry, it has also accelerated its migration online, creating new opportunities for fitness trainers to carve out direct revenue streams.

Whole new ecosystems now exist in the digital space via platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, YouTube, IG Live and Facebook Live, enabling individual fitness coaches to build consumer relationships beyond the fitness studio.

As a result, the nation’s activity levels have stayed fairly stable since lockdown was announced on 23rd March in the UK, averaging just over three active days per week, according to Sport England, which has been monitoring exercise behaviours and attitudes since early April. 

One in five have been doing home workouts, either online or offline, with YouTube (73%) by far the most frequently accessed online resource, followed by 19% for Facebook and 19% for Instagram. By contrast, just 9% was attributed to a gym’s website. 

In the US, meanwhile, according to Statista 16% of adults have taken to using more online exercise videos due to social distancing and self-quarantining practices during the coronavirus pandemic.

Via Welltodo Global. Read the full article here.

Gyms Are Starting to Reopen — Here’s a Look at What It’s Like to Work out During the Pandemic

Depending on where you live, you might be seeing local gyms reopen or prepare to do so in the near future. In some places, like Sweden, gyms never actually closed.

But working out during and after the pandemic looks a little different. Many fitness facilities have already created new rules and gym setups to keep staff and clients safe during workouts. 

From stricter hygiene measures to limited group classes, here’s what you can expect to see when you go back to the gym, based on how people are working out now. 

Via Insider. Read the full article here. 

How Fitness Will Change Forever

It’s day one of the reopened future, and as people have always done when it’s time for a new start, you head to the gym. Well, hold on. We should begin before Day One, because you’ll actually have booked this time slot the week before. It’s good for 90 minutes. Don’t be late.

You grab a door handle wrapped in germ-repelling vinyl and walk inside. A Bluetooth-enabled beacon at the front desk recognizes your phone and checks you in. The receptionist takes your temperature and hands you a towel, plus a colored wristband that’ll help the staff remind you when it’s time to go. Hopefully you brought some water with you, because touchless bottle fillers have replaced the drinking fountains.

Via The Atlantic. Read the full article here.

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