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This Week in Fitness: 24th January-7th February

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Equinox gets into the wellness tourism space and a floating yoga studio is set to make waves in the Maldives. 

How the Wellness Industry Is Taking Over Travel

‘Wellness tourism’ is a growing industry, supported by travellers actively seeking ways to enhance their well-being on the go. Now, major lifestyle brands want a piece of the pie.

The world of wellness – a global economy of care and workout offerings, nutrients, alternative medicine and more that reached $4.5 trillion in 2018 – has witnessed a triumphant ascension over the past decade. Popular perceptions of the importance of diet, fitness and healthy practices have transformed, powering vibrant new business sectors. 

And as wellness evolves and expands, auxiliary markets from food and drink to hospitality are starting to provide products that reflect the values of today’s health-conscious consumers.

Via BBC Worklife. Read full article here. 

How Independent Companies Are Revolutionizing Community Fitness In London

As the New Year begins, the demand for new and exciting fitness classes and activities increases again, particularly in busy cities such as London.

The last decade has seen the fitness industry in London boom, as ideas find their way from free sessions in parks and commons to gym floors and recreation centres.

With the UK, and London particularly, in the midst of its annual January fitness boom, some of the capital’s most intriguing ventures are assessed.

Via Forbes. Read full article here.

First ‘Floating Fitness Studio’ Set to Launch at Maldives Resort

Luxury resort Coco Bodu Hithi has revealed plans to launch the first “floating yoga studio” in the Maldives. The resort is working with Beijing-based AquaX Academy – founded by lululemon China Ambassador Queenie Xiao – on the project, which looks to utilise the increasing popularity of floating yoga. Floating yoga, also known as stand-up paddleboard yoga, utilises the principles of balance, strength, flexibility, and meditation.

The practice allows guests to embrace the benefit of yoga in nature, while also participating in a demanding workout by constantly finding balance on the moving water. Coco Bodu Hith and The AquaX Academy academy – a pioneer of innovative water sports and the first to introduce a floating studio concept in China – will begin offering the classes in March 2020.

Via Health Club Management. Read full article here.

What This Gwyneth Paltrow-Approved NYC Fitness Studio Is Doing Differently

Maintaining a workout routine or achieving a list of health goals can be a lot of pressure. Many people who take up a particular workout and diet get so caught up in wanting to look or feel a certain way that they end up losing sight of themselves. For instance, if you love meat and hate running, what’s the point of going vegan and forcing yourself to take on several miles a day?

It doesn’t make any sense. 

Thankfully, this inspiring boutique fitness space on the border of New York City’s Tribeca and Chinatown isn’t about throwing away who you are in the name of health. In fact, co-founders Colette Dong, Aly Giampolo, and Dria Murphy developed their studio of bounce classes known as the ness to allow people to shine (you’ll instantly feel a glow with all the natural light coming in) and be their best selves.

Via Forbes. Read full article here.

Dutch Boutique Brand Switch the Gym Launches – Has Ambitious Growth Plans

Dutch boutique fitness brand Switch The Gym has launched its second studio in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, just three months after opening its first site in the town of Veldhoven.

A third studio is already in the works and is due to open during Q1 2020.

Founded by Terry Labee, Switch The Gym offers a timetable of HIIT group workouts at an affordable price point.

Labee spent a decade as a personal trainer before launching the company, with the aim of “bringing the benefits of PT to those who couldn’t afford one to one training”.

Via Leisure Opportunities. Read full article here.

From ‘Internal Clock’ Diets to Vr Therapy Sessions, 5 Wellness Fads to Watch

In 2019, the “wellness” world was dominated by CBD (cannabidiol), meditation and intermittent fasting. At a time when the global wellness industry is worth $4 trillion, according to CB Insights, what comes next?

Experts from the Global Wellness Summit (GWS), an international organization made up of spa and wellness industry leaders, made their predictions for the biggest health trends of 2020. Their forecasts are based on interviews, keynotes and debates from 550 executives, doctors, academics and finance professionals in the wellness market. Here are five of the fads they say will be big this year.

Via CNBC. Read full article here.

This 56-Year-Old Serial Entrepreneur Is Taking The Fitness Industry By Storm

Laura Schmitt’s enthusiasm and love of running is infectious. She is a cofounder of Thoroughbred, an extremely popular new treadmill studio startup with a cult-like following. The brand appeals broadly from folks just starting to run to elite running athletes. With community and kindness as core values of the company, Thoroughbred is taking the fitness industry by storm. 

Schmitt spent 35 years coaching high school cross country and track teams before cofounding Thoroughbred with her son and elite runner Jake Schmitt in 2016. Their next Thoroughbred location is opening on San Francisco’s Polk Street in March 2020. 

Via Forbes. Read full article here.

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