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Taking Glofox to the Next Level: Our Rebranding Story

Taking Glofox to the Next Level: Our Rebranding Story

A Shared Connection

We wanted to take the opportunity to let you guys know that we’ve rebranded Glofox. Today’s announcement comes off the back of a couple months of excellent work from the team here. It’s another huge step in our journey and it is an important part of establishing who we really are in the boutique fitness space.

To explain the reasoning behind this rebrand I want to take you back to what kick started this process in the first place. Near the end of 2017, we began thinking of what Glofox really meant to our customers and, in a larger sense, to the wider world. We felt something was missing and that we needed to figure out what that was before we took Glofox to the next level. The answer was easy once we started to explore the heart of what Glofox is all about.

It is the customer. More specifically it is the relationships the team here have built with them over the past number of years. We began to realize that while the voice we had developed internally was making an important connection with our customers, it wasn’t coming through in our overall brand. We needed to put the customer at the center of who we are as a company.

What drives our customers to do what they do is the fact that they can change people’s lives through fitness. They can help their members achieve goals they previously thought were beyond them. Because we share this passion for helping people through fitness, I believe this is what motivates our customers to adopt and keep our product. And while our focus on the boutique fitness space is one of the decisive factors in our customers choosing us over our competitors, I think this shared connection plays a large part also.

Rethinking Who We Are

So we felt our customer and fitness focused message wasn’t being conveyed to the wider world as clearly as we would like. Just like our product is constantly evolving, we needed our brand to follow suit. Therefore we decided to completely rebrand Glofox to better reflect who we are and what we do, in both our tone of voice and visual identity.

The announcement that we were rebranding was met with great enthusiasm by the team here. I felt they had begun thinking along the same lines as I had and we eagerly jumped into a couple of internal workshops to really delve into what Glofox was all about. Their experience in crafting the technology around the needs of the customer had given them great insight into how they really feel about the product and the business. The ideas generated in these sessions reminded me of the key reason my co-founders Anthony, Finn and I started Glofox in the first place.

From these internal sessions we identified a couple of core ideas that I thought really defined who we are as a business. Creativity, innovation and the idea of one team having one voice came up prominently. But most importantly, the idea of the “Customer as a Champion” was what we really believed defined who we are. The next step was taking these ideas to Red Dog, a design agency based in Dublin whose previous work we really admired. From this they developed a brand that we really felt reflected what we were all about.

The New Glofox – Active, Dynamic, Bold

What emerged from this is a brand that I am very proud of and which I feel finally represents who we are as a business. The design represents key characteristics that best define the fitness industry. We are Active, Dynamic and Bold. The idea of movement plays a key part in the makeup of our new “fox-face” logo. We’ve also replaced the blue and white color scheme with a bolder purple and orange which is a more confident and energetic in its visual style.

Deeper than just the visual identity though is the human factor of Glofox. Bringing the customer and their experiences to forefront of our own story is something that is very important to us as company. Fitness is in our DNA the same way as it is in theirs and this is present in both our story and our tone of voice. At each point the customer interacts with us on their journey we want them to encounter a consistent tone of voice that they can comfortably relate to.

As part of the overall process has undergone a complete redesign to reflect our new brand. We have streamlined the navigation of our website, making it easier to find information that is relevant and useful, delivering a more positive experience for both our current and potential customers.

What Comes Next

With our new brand identity we feel we are perfectly positioned to help our customers achieve their business goals. A large part of this will be about producing quality content that inspires and educates our customers with the aim of helping them in all aspects of their business.

In terms of our product we will continue to be guided by the simple principle of building a product around the customer rather than around the technology. Directed by valuable feedback from our customers, we are constantly innovating to meet their needs.

Finally I am incredibly proud of the team here at Glofox and the success we have achieved so far. Our focus now is to go beyond just helping our customers manage their business and provide them with a solution that will power sustainability and competitiveness in the long term. Central to our ethos is that our success is aligned with their success. As our customers grow, so have we and this is the type of relationship we strive to have and has contributed enormously to our present and future success.

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"I think Glofox speaks to lots of different fitness businesses. I looked at a few options, but the Glofox positioning was more flexible. Without it the business wouldn't be scaleable”
Mehdi Elaichouni
Owner at Carpe Diem BJJ

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