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Product updates at Glofox: Quarterly product update


We’ve been busy over the last quarter… Below is a recap of some recent product updates and feature enhancements available on Glofox. 

In addition to the many new features and updates released, our annual virtual conference, GloCon 2021, convened back in July themed around the topic of ‘How to thrive in a post-pandemic world’. We had an impressive line up of over 20 experts from across the industry who joined us as guest speakers to talk us through their insights and learnings. You can view our array of roundtable discussions and customer segments here

Flexible Payment Dates 

Members regularly request to change their billing date at the start of a membership or during for different reasons (e.g. to align with a pay day). Up until now you had no option but to cancel the membership and set up a new one for the member. You can now edit payment dates for an unlimited recurring membership.

This new seamless process will save you time and can also help with providing an excellent customer experience for your members.

To learn more about this feature and the steps you need to follow, please visit our Knowledge Database post here.

Account Balance Improvements 

As you may be aware ‘Account Balance’ behaves like a virtual wallet that can be topped up by staff on behalf of a client. Until recently, it was only possible to use the account balance amount if it covered the full subscription payment – the latest update ensures your clients can now use any amount available towards unlimited and restricted subscription payments. This makes it much easier for your studio/gym to offer: 

  • credits for friend referrals
  • rewards for challenges
  • rewards for loyalty 

We’ve also released a new Account Balance report which can be found in the ‘Report List’ on the Dashboard. This report provides a summary of your total positive and negative amounts, and also breaks it down by client. This report can be very beneficial for understanding your total credit balances as a liability, and for following up with clients that are most overdrawn and need an extra nudge.

The Account Balance is for Glofox Payments customers only and is not available on all Glofox packages. For more information or to upgrade, reach out to us at [email protected].  For more information on Account Balance, check out the Knowledge Base articles. 

E-agreements Unsigned Report 

It’s now possible to view all unsigned leads and clients on the ‘Unsigned E-Agreements report’ which is now available under the ‘Activity’ section on the ‘Reports list’. This report is beneficial for knowing exactly how many leads/clients are yet to sign their E-agreement, and makes it easier to follow up and encourage document completion. 

E-agreements is an add-on that can be added to any package. For more information check out the Knowledge Base articles

Capture clients’ tax identification number

Depending on your region’s tax requirements, you might need to include a client’s personal Tax ID when registering a financial transaction, to be compliant with your local legislation.

If your region requires this, you can now enable this option in Glofox. Once added, a member’s Tax ID will be included in any future receipts, and in your Transactions report.

To learn more, please visit our Knowledge Base article.

Money Owed – Active Debt 

Based on feedback we made a small enhancement by adding a column for the ‘current membership status’ to the download file that is available from the Money Owed Report. This will allow you and your staff to prioritize which members should be contacted for pending debt collections. ‘Active’, ‘Overdue’ and ‘Paused’ will be membership status options shown. For members with no membership, ‘PAYG’ will be displayed instead.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding these updates, please reach out to us at [email protected] or visit our Knowledge Base. 

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