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Product updates at Glofox: Q1 2022


It’s been an exhilarating start to the year for many. As the pandemic finally loosens its grip on the global fitness community, we’re seeing a strong return back to gyms and studios. We’ve certainly been busy over the last quarter, working on various product updates and feature enhancements to better serve our customers. Below is a recap of some of our most recent updates, currently available on the Glofox platform:

New automated messages 

We’re happy to release two of our most requested features:

Birthday messages 

You can now ensure that you celebrate every member’s birthday with our new automated email. Learn more here.

Class booking reminders 

No-shows are not only an annoyance, they can also be costing you money. Make sure every member is aware of their upcoming bookings with automated class booking reminders. Learn more here.

Looking for more automations and tools to boost your marketing & sales? Stay tuned for more news on Glofox Amplify, our custom-built CRM!

Payments improvements

Change payment method

To ensure you have flexibility and control over how you get paid, we have released a new feature that will allow you to change the payment method used for a recurring membership. 

This can now be done without the need for workarounds such as canceling and recreating a subscription – allowing you for example to easily change the payment method type from Credit Card to Direct Debit/ACH. For further details on this please visit our Knowledge base here.

Reporting enhancements 

Based on your feedback we made significant improvements across several of our reports. These enhancements include speed improvements along with the addition of some new metrics.  

The most notable was the full redesign of the Members Report. You can now more easily access details of your active, overdue & paused members to better help you run your business.  

You can read more about this report here on our KDB Member Report page.

Increased upsell opportunities

The first phase of ‘Add-on services’ was released during Q1 of 2022. This allows you to offer your members the option to add an additional pre-paid or recurring service to an existing unlimited membership. 

Up until now members were not able to upgrade or subscribe to another recurring service. With this, operational workaround time from staff is now eliminated and the frictionless experience unlocks the opportunity to capture additional revenue from members. 

Examples of ‘Add-ons’ now in use include recurring PT Sessions, Nutrition plans, Locker rentals and membership upgrades.

Please visit our knowledge base article here to learn more about how you can get started with ‘Add-ons’.

New Dashboard login

The Glofox Dashboard login has a new look and feel. This update provides a more seamless login experience, with all login fields now located on the same screen. 

This is the first of many exciting design updates that Glofox have in store – expect to see these design improvements released throughout the year. 

Regulatory updates 

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Strong customer authentication (SCA) is a European regulatory requirement that adds additional layers of security for payments and may require certain transactions to be verified by the cardholder.  We’re pleased to release some significant improvements to the SCA process that aim to improve the user experience for your customers and staff, while ensuring payment is always fully captured before access to Credit Packs and Memberships is granted.

During the checkout process we will now display appropriate warnings when Strong Customer Authentication is required for a payment related to Credit Packs and Memberships which will guide the user through the necessary steps required to complete the payment, helping to improve conversion. In addition to these warnings, new logic has been added that will restrict access to Credit Packs and Memberships where an Authentication is pending on the transaction, preventing customers from accessing resources where payment has not yet been fully captured.

Marketing Communications Consent 

At Glofox, we work to maintain the highest privacy standards for you, and the clients at your gym or studio. Our latest updates split the communication preferences into Email and SMS. This is a regulatory requirement for markets such as the US, Canada and the EU. 

For more information on consent, check out the Knowledge Base article.

Sales Tax 

The most recent Sales Tax updates provide enough flexibility to handle any local tax requirements. 

  • Sales tax on individual items
    • Taxes can now be added to an individual product or service i.e. 10% on water and 15% on protein bars, or 20% on a HIIT class, 10% on PT 
  •  Applying taxes on the product & service definition pages
    • Taxes can now be applied when creating your product or service
  • Sales tax on custom charges 
    • Option of applying a tax rate to a custom charge if desired 

For more information on Sales Tax, please check out the various Knowledge base articles. For tax exclusive (i.e. US and Canada) click here. For tax inclusive (i.e. countries outside the US and Canada) click here.

Early Access Opportunities

We are starting a closed beta program for Group Heart Rate Performance Monitoring in collaboration with one of our integration partners Accuro. It will help enhance your members’ experience and provide additional motivation through:

  • Real-time intensity feedback
  • In-studio leaderboards 
  • Post-workout performance reports

For more information on the beta program, or to request early access, please contact [email protected].

Auto charge late cancellation

In the coming weeks we will be starting an early-access beta program for Automated Late Cancellation and No Show Fees in partnership with Bitlancer. This feature will help you easily enforce late cancellation and no show penalty policies that minimize disruptions to your business while helping to generate additional revenue.

For more information on the beta program please contact [email protected].

Meet us at some of the industry’s biggest events this year

We’re excited to be embarking on a bit of a global roadshow this quarter, with many of the industry’s biggest events returning to in-person for the first time in a few years. Meet us in Singapore at Fit Summit or in the US at IHRSA, details for both shows below.

Fit Summit:  Singapore 13th, 14th & 15th June

  • Meet our team at the first in-person Fit Summit event in over two years. It’s going to be an awesome conference and a great opportunity to connect with many people from the industry from across APAC and beyond. 
  • If you’re planning on attending and looking to connect, contact Mark Edward Walker for Franchise meetings, or James Murphy for SMB meetings.

IHRSA: Miami 22nd, 23rd & 24th June

  • Following our first appearance in Dallas last year, we’ll be returning to IHRSA again this year, hosting our own booth and gearing up to meet many of you there in Miami. We’ll be co-hosting a couple of events, so we’ll follow up in the coming weeks with more details. 
  • If you’d like to explore setting up a meeting with someone from our team, contact Joanna Stahl for Franchise meetings, or James Murphy for SMB meetings.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding these updates, please reach out to us at [email protected] or visit our Knowledge Base.

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