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Product Updates At Glofox: May 2019

Product Updates At Glofox: May 2019

Welcome to the summer, where everything seems possible. And this couldn’t be truer for the Product team here at Glofox. The days are longer, which just means that we have more time to spend adding new features to the Glofox product.

This month we’ve made it easier for you to filter and segment your members and we’ve released a new version of our admin app, Glofox Pro.

New Client Filters

Building on from Glofox Sales Tools, which we launched earlier this year, we’ve added filtering capabilities to the Clients’ list (formally know as “Members list”). This enables you to drill down to specific segments of members and see:

  • Members who have booked a lot of classes
  • Members who attend all the classes that they’ve booked into and those who don’t
  • Members who might benefit from switching to a different membership plan

This level of segmentation is designed to have a positive impact on sales and retention.

Client filter

Here are a few examples of how you can use the filters:

  • Reward Loyal Members: See who has attended 100 classes in the last 6 months and congratulate them
  • Save At-Risk Members: Segment members based on their bookings and attendance. E.g. compile a list of members who have booked eight classes in the last two months but only attended one
  • Up-sell Memberships: See who’s using up their credit packs quickly and recommend that they switch to a full membership
  • Sell Recurring Membership: Use a combination of filters to find people suited to a recurring membership

Multi-Location studios can use client filters to identify members by ‘Home Studio.’ This means you can filter out roaming members from other and up-sell to those members that pay their membership directly to your studio.

With just a few clicks, you can split your members into meaningful segments and take action based on their recent activity and member status.

If you are a Platinum member you can start using this new feature right away. For Gold and Silver members, reach out to our sales team at [email protected] to discuss upgrading.

Check out our knowledge base for more information on client filters. 

Glofox Pro Update

This month, we’ve released a new version of our admin app, Glofox Pro.

glofox pro update

You can now:

  • Create a New Client: You can now create a new Client and even take a picture on the spot to add to their member profile
  • Add Interactions: You and your team can log interactions you have with members in the studio, over the phone or via messaging. It will update on the dashboard in real time.
  • Edit an Existing Client: Keep member details up to date by editing or adding new information within Glofox Pro.

Notice: We had to create a new version of the Glofox Pro app for the Apple store. This means that iOS users will need to delete the original Glofox Pro app and download this new app to ensure they continue to receive the updates. You can download the new Glofox Pro iOS app here.

Android users can download Glofox Pro here

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