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Product Updates At Glofox: July 2019

Product Updates At Glofox: July 2019

July has been a busy month here at Glofox and we have new updates to share. We’ve added some new details to the client profile and the member app. And we’re excited to offer a new integration; Loyalsnap. 

New Client Profile That Includes Even More Details

Knowledge is power and the more you know about your members, the more you can stay engaged with them. We continue to improve the client profile by making relevant information available for you and your staff to view. 

Here are some of the new information that we have added to the client profile:

Credits tab:

  • Active credits – (you can now also change the number of active credits a member has by typing a new number directly into the credit box.)  

Details tab:

  • Client Waiver
  • Zip-code
  • Source
  • Referral
  • App version

There is also a flag system that will alert you to the following:

  • Failed payment outstanding
  • Membership paused
  • Strike limit reached

Update: Member App

The Glofox Member App is a fully branded app that lets your members book classes, make purchases, and engage with your studio.

We are continually making improvements that are in line with user research and feedback from you. 

This month we made two new updates:

  • New welcome screen: First impressions matter so welcome your members in style with our newly designed and modern welcome screen. 
  • Booked numbers: After a member books into a class, they can still see how many others are booked into it. 

Check it out…


New Integration: Loyalsnap

Loyalsnap is an automated email and text marketing solution for fitness studios. Drive real growth for your business by sending the right messages at the right time with this superb new integration.

With Loyalsnap you can:

Maximize member retention: 

  • Create incentives that get clients into the studio more frequently during their trial period.
  • Notify your front desk staff to contact high-value members and increase conversion to autopay.
  • Automatically follow up with all leads, ensuring prospects don’t fall through the cracks.

Minimize member cancellations:

  • Make sure your front desk contacts autopay clients who are at risk of canceling, and help them book into their next class.
  • Encourage referrals and request Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews.
  • Celebrate client milestones and add motivation at the right times.

We empower you to boost your business

"I think Glofox speaks to lots of different fitness businesses. I looked at a few options, but the Glofox positioning was more flexible. Without it the business wouldn't be scaleable”
Mehdi Elaichouni
Owner at Carpe Diem BJJ

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