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Product Updates at Glofox: December 2020


This year presented a challenge like no other for the fitness industry. You rose to that challenge by embracing digital solutions to ensure your business survived and to ensure that you could reach your members while they had to stay at home. 

By building a brand outside the four walls of the studio, you were able to deliver a great experience anytime, anywhere. And our mission has always been to help you deliver this great experience, no matter what the obstacle may be. 

In 2020, here is how we did that:

Quicker Bookings, Frictionless Login, and Powerful Branding With Our New Member App

Quicker bookings, frictionless login, and powerful branding – this update has it all. Your members can now book your classes – 33% faster than before with the new quick-booking feature. Even logging into the app is faster with support for biometric login using a fingerprint or a face scan. Plus, you can do it all, fully immersed in your studio’s brand.

To learn more about our Member App, visit our Knowledge Base: 

Offer a Hybrid of Onsite and Online Classes with Glofox Live Streaming on On-Demand

We have enabled gyms and fitness studios in almost 50 countries to transform their businesses by adding Live Streaming and On-Demand to our services. In a world post-COVID-19, local businesses that project a digital presence and can deliver complementary online and offline experiences will attract and retain more members.

To find out more about Glofox Live and On-Demand, visit our Knowledge Base: 

Deep Dive into the Health of Your Business with Glofox Insights

Glofox Insights is our advanced reporting product for fitness entrepreneurs that want to; make better-informed decisions, deliver consistently high results, and increase member lifetime value. See reports on sales, retention, member demographics, and much more, from one easy to use dashboard so you can make quick and informed decisions to grow your business.

For more information, check out our Knowledge Base:

Reduce Risk and Digitally Track Signatures with E-Agreements

With E-Agreements, you can quickly tell who has and who has yet to sign their documents by looking at the flags that are shown on both the Glofox dashboard and our admin app, Glofox Pro. You can then easily resend E-Agreements at the touch of a button and collect signatures on multiple staff facing products.

Unlike standard forms, E-Agreements are accepted with an e-signature, date, and time, so you and your client can feel secure knowing which terms were accepted and when. Plus, you can add multiple signatures throughout your documents to callout important information like pause policies, COVID-19 policies, and cancellation fees.

Ready to see what E-Agreements can do for you? Reach out to us at [email protected]. For a full list of E-Agreement benefits, watch our E-Agreements video here, or check out our Knowledge Base: 

Grant Quick Access to New Clients With the Glofox Pro Sign-Up Kiosk

You can now allow new clients to sign up quickly and easily with the Glofox Pro Sign-Up Kiosk. Using Glofox Pro, you can choose whether to sign into Glofox Pro for staff, with all the standard functionality of the staff app, or you can sign in on Kiosk mode to allow new clients to input their details and sign up in seconds!

For more information on the Glofox Pro Sign-Up Kiosk, check out our Knowledge Base:

The features and products listed above are just some of what we worked on this year. Not all updates are available on all Glofox packages. If you want to know more about anything mentioned here, reach out to us at [email protected].

Stay tuned, we’re excited to bring you lots more features and products in 2021!

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Mehdi Elaichouni
Owner at Carpe Diem BJJ

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