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Product Updates at Glofox: December 2019


Here is your monthly round-up of the most recent additions and enhancements to the Glofox platform. Over the past month, we have released SMS Messaging, Sales Attribution Tracking, and Lead Conversion and Transaction Reports.

SMS Messaging

Use SMS to send one-to-one messages to individual members, reminding them of an up-coming check-in or to congratulate them on reaching a milestone. 

You can also use Glofox filters to segment your members and send SMS to specific target groups, for example, members whose membership is due to expire in the next 3 days.

For more information on Glofox SMS messaging, check out the Glofox Knowledge Base.

Sales Attribution Tracking

Sales Attribution Tracking is now available to all studios that are on the Platinum package. Assign staff to the cart when making a sale so that you can reward and motivate your staff who are meeting and exceeding their sales targets. Track who makes the sale on the Dashboard and see this information when you export the Transactions Report.

Read more about Sales Attribution Tracking here.

Lead Conversion Report

Better understand the efficacy of your studio’s sales and marketing activities. Identify exactly where in the sales funnel leads drop off by tracking the progression of leads to fully-paid members. See how successful you’ve been at nurturing your leads through the sales pipeline and compare your conversion percentage to other time periods to see if your studio has been consistent in converting. Identify and address the areas where the most leads are lost to improve the final conversion rate.

Click here for more information on Lead Conversion reporting.

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