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Product Updates At Glofox: August 2019

Product Updates At Glofox: August 2019

Here are the latest product updates in Glofox this month. We’ve made a number of user experience enhancements to our member app, our staff app and the Glofox dashboard.

Member App Updates

The Glofox Member App is a fully branded app that lets your members book classes, make purchases and engage with your studio, not to mention keeping your brand at the forefront and promoting member loyalty.

We frequently get feedback from studios about how popular the app is with their members but we continuously strive to make improvements that are in line with user research and feedback from you, with the ultimate aim of improving the user experience.

This month we made two updates to the app:

  • Refine by Location: Members can now find your studio faster, as we’ve included a location filter to make the search easier and eliminate confusion.
  • Booked Numbers: Now once a member books into a class, they can see how many other people are booked in.

Glofox Pro Staff App Updates

Managing your business on-the-go is crucial in the fitness industry and with the Glofox Pro App you have admin capabilities right from your phone meaning you can stay engaged outside the studio.

In our most recent Glofox Pro update we worked to improve your studio schedule list which is now clearer, faster and more visually appealing.

The new look schedule list means you can share your class booking list on social media to highlight available spaces and ensure your classes fill up!

Notice: We had to create a new version of the Glofox Pro app for the Apple store. This means that iOS users will need to delete the original Glofox Pro app and download this new app to ensure they continue to receive the updates. You can download the new Glofox Pro iOS app.

Glofox Payments

Further Rollout of Glofox Payments

Glofox is migrating all customers from Stripe to our in-built card payments platform, Glofox Payments, by January 2020. We are doing this to better comply with new European payments standards (SCA) and to enable us to focus our new feature development on one payment platform.

Glofox Payments is powered by Stripe and gives a better customer experience, allowing you to manage all your payments within Glofox.

Some of the key benefits of Glofox Payments:

  • More detailed receipts
  • Resend receipts
  • Partial refunds
  • Transaction tracking
  • Failed payment insights
  • Full payout visibility
  • Forgive invoices

Our Customer Experience team is migrating studios in a series of batches over the next few months.

Lead Management Filters are More Powerful

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. Here are Glofox we are aware of that and have brought in a new lead filter feature to help you get the most out of lead generation efforts!

You can now filter your leads based on their activity within a given timeline. Using this filter you will be enabled to uncover leads who have booked, for example, three times within one week.

This new update will provide you with valuable information to identify leads who are more likely to convert to being fully-paid studio members.

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Mehdi Elaichouni
Owner at Carpe Diem BJJ

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