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Product Updates At Glofox: April 2019

Product Updates At Glofox: April 2019 – New Reporting, Partial Refunds and an update to the Member App.

April can be one of those months that’s pretty uneventful. Halfway through Spring and ready for Summer already! But that doesn’t put a dampener on our productivity here at Glofox. We continue to add new features that will make your life a little easier.

This month we bring you a brand new report, a new payment feature and an update to the Member App.

Active Credit Pack Report

Credit Packs are a key part of your fitness business. Along with memberships, they are the very currency that your members use to attend your classes. So knowing how they’re performing is vital in making them a more viable avenue for growing your studio.

With the new Active Credit Pack report, you will be able to quickly see which packs are the most popular and which are not. This will allow you to make data-driven decisions around what adjustments need to be made.

Maybe you need to reconsider pricing on certain credit packs or maybe some packs are more suited to a particular type of member? You’ll find the information you need in this new report.


The Active Credit Pack Report report will also show you how sessions are remaining per member. So, for example, you can see if someone has only 1 credit left and encourage them to add more.

Or, maybe a members’ credits are going to expire soon, so you need to reach out and prompt them to book into classes and use up their credits.

The Active Credit Pack Report is a useful engagement tool that will have a positive impact on your member retention.

Partial Refunds

Last year we introduced Glofox Payments, an integrated online payments system offering transparent pricing and an all-in-one payments solution for debit and credit cards within the Glofox platform.

When it comes to payment transactions, flexibility is important. With that in mind, we’ve added the ability to offer a partial refund to your members where necessary.

When we think of refunds we tend to think of payment disputes. And yes, there are often times when offering a partial refund is a useful way to diffuse a dispute. But there are also other ways to use this feature.


Partial refunds could be used as an acquisition tool. For example, as an initiative for members to refer a friend; “Refer a friend and get 10% back on your membership”    

Or, maybe you could offer a partial refund if a customer cancels a booking within a certain time period. This encourages commitment as there is a financial penalty but also won’t annoy the member too much that they may not come back.  

With partial refunds you have options. You have the flexibility to use your discretion and decide what is right for your studio and your members.  

Partial refunds are available for all Glofox Payments’ customers. If you are not currently using this payment method and want to learn more, send us a message at [email protected]. If you are a Platinum member, reach out to your assigned account manager for more details about Glofox Payments. 

Member App Update: Calendar View

Some of the most common feedback we get from our studios is how their members always compliment them on their app. It gives a level of professionalism and convenience that is hard to beat. Not to mention, it keeps your brand at the forefront and promotes member loyalty.


With that, we are always looking for ways to enhance it. This month we took a look at the calendar. We began to research navigation and view, looking at ways to make it easier for your members to search for upcoming classes.

The new calendar view allows members to toggle through the dates on a single bar and see that day’s classes. From there, it’s quicker and easier to book their next session and be back in the studio.

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