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The Power of Gym Management Software Push Notifications

The Power of Gym Management Software Push Notifications

What if a single message sent to a member’s mobile device could help you increase membership and class sales? For studios and gyms, getting customers to renew their membership can be a difficult task. Fortunately, mobile marketing through your gym management software can help to keep customers motivated and coming back, day after day.

A member’s mobile device 

So,What is a push notification? 

A push notification is a simple message sent from an app that pops up on the home screen of your mobile device. Users don’t have to be in the app or using their device to receive them. Push notifications look like SMS text messages or mobile alerts, however they will only reach users who have installed your gym management software app.

The use of push notifications can be extremely beneficial, as it is essentially a direct line to your customers’ primary communication tool. Once used correctly, push notifications keep clients engaged and help you to retain them as customers. However, we must remember that there is a fine line between a helpful message at convenient times and being bombarded with marketing messages.

This post will highlight the power of push notifications in driving revenue whilst also increasing member engagement retention rates.

1. Push Notifications Lead to More Sales

People who are willing to sign up for push notifications are doing it in order to gain access to special or exclusive offers. In others words, these members are already looking forward to buying from you. According to recent research by Localytics, from the members who open their push notifications, 54% of these will make a conversion from this targeted push notification compared to just 15% who have received a standard broadcast message.This highlights the potential to increase sales from just a simple push notification.

2. Push Notifications Can Be Personalised 

Push notifications allow you to go further than just a standard welcome message that you get when joining a new gym or studio. When you can personalise content to each person’s interests and behavior, you will make a stronger connection with that customer.

Hi Emma, Thanks for joining ABC Fitness, You mentioned your love for spinning, Our next class is on Friday, Hope you can make it” 

As you can see this simple personalised message is a lot more impressive rather than just a generic group message.

3. Push Notifications Have Better Reach than Email 

According to Mailchimp’s 2016 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, the average email open rate in the health and fitness industry is just 22.5%. According to a study conducted by IBM, the open rates for push notifications vary from 30% to 60%, and interaction rates run as high as 40%.

So, have you ever wondered why your bookings DIDN’T increase after your last promotional email blast? Probably because over 77% of your members didn’t open the email.

4. Push Notifications Encourage Inactive Users

A motivational push notification sent using your gym management software may just be what a member needs to encourage them to get back training. Making that phone call can be awkward for both parties so a push notification can eliminate the awkwardness, it allows members to read the notification in their own time which can be a great solution. Members can then just book in for a class or a session on the same device which makes it a lot easier for people to make the decision to get back to your business.

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