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IHRSA 2024 Recap: Everything You Need to Know About the Future of Fitness

IHRSA 2024

Earlier this month, the global fitness industry (including the ABC Glofox team) gathered in Los Angeles to attend the IHRSA 2024 Convention & Trade Show. As proud sponsors and participants of one of the largest conferences for the fitness industry, IHRSA gives us the chance to reconnect with our industry peers and learn more about the insights and thoughts of our global associates.

IHRSA is always the biggest event in the year of our industry, and this year’s IHRSA 2024 event in Los Angeles was no exception. Thousands of industry experts came together to celebrate their successes from the past year and look ahead to what’s next in 2024—and beyond.   

The timing of this year’s conference also coincided with an exciting milestone of our own: ABC Fitness has supported the fitness industry for over 40 years, reaching over 40 million members in more than 100 countries. 

Below, we’ll explore all the major moments of this year’s event, along with a few exciting announcements of our own.

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IHRSA 2024 & The Evolution of the Fitness Industry 

One of the biggest headlines from last week’s event was IHRSA’s rebranding to become the Health & Fitness Association (HFA). Bill Davis—ABC Fitness CEO, Chairman of the Industry Partner Advisory Council (IPAC), as well as IHRSA 2024 Board Member—had the opportunity to join the other HFA Board Members on stage to unveil this next phase of the association’s evolution. 

It seems fitting to rebrand the association with a new name that better reflects the expanded role that health and fitness now play. According to our own ABC Fitness data, the health and fitness industry is seeing an explosive level of growth, and this rebranding by the HFA could not come at a better time for the industry. 

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IHRSA 2024 & The Vital Role of Technology in Modern Fitness  

Many of the panels, sessions, and new products showcased at this year’s event focused on mobile tech, AI, data, and other innovations.  

Thanks to our unique position at ABC Glofox, we were able to provide innovative insights into the modern fitness industry for visitors to our booth, along with showing them the future-forward design of our fitness platform.

Additionally, the ABC Fitness team hosted an Innovation Lab offering select attendees a special demonstration of how new AI tools can help club owners and operators simplify and accelerate decision-making, helping them advance and grow fitness operations.  

If you feel like your business is lacking the technological edge it needs to truly thrive, then ABC Glofox is the platform for you.

Prioritizing Human Connection 

As we think about the evolving landscape of fitness, it’s vital to recognize that technology’s rise doesn’t lessen the significance of human connection. ABC Fitness’ very own Cristine Kao (Chief Marketing Officer), alongside Melissa Knowles (Director of Client Success), Addison Perrymond (SVP of Product), and Lee Robinson (Senior Director of National Sales) spoke about this in a panel discussion—What’s Next for Fitness: Translating the “AI” Trend & Global Data into Business Growth. 

Kao summed up our sentiments perfectly in the panel:

“While technology can enhance daily interactions with members, it’s human connection that fosters community and bolsters member retention.” 

Echoing this sentiment was keynote speaker Mariana Atencio, a renowned newscaster, bestselling author, and founder of her own media production company. Mariana gained prominence as a motivational speaker following her viral TEDx Talk, “What Makes YOU Special,” which has garnered over 24 million views. In her address, Mariana emphasized the transformative power of authenticity—embracing one’s identity, values, and vulnerabilities without hesitation. She states that “authenticity is key to leading happier, more fulfilling lives.” 

This aligns with the growing trend of authenticity among fitness consumers, who are increasingly vocal about their preferences. A recent ABC Fitness survey revealed that 58% of respondents want their gyms, clubs, and fitness studios to embrace social causes, with mental health, racial equity, and gender equality/sexism at the forefront. 

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ABC Glofox Remains at the Forefront of the Fitness Industry 

The Glofox and ABC Fitness teams have proudly played a pivotal role in the evolution of our industry and how we fit into the future of the HFA.  

We at ABC Glofox are immensely proud of our position in the fitness industry, providing new solutions and technological advancements that are helping thousands of fitness businesses grow and thrive. 

If you’re not yet partnered with ABC Glofox, book a call with us today to learn how we can help turn your fitness business ambitions into reality. 

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