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How to Reward Your Staff: The Key to a Thriving Fitness Business

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As a fitness business owner, you recognize the value of a dedicated team. Your staff is the backbone of your operations, creating the atmosphere and energy that keeps your members coming back for more. Rewarding your staff isn’t just about appreciation; it’s a strategic move toward building a more robust, loyal, and enthusiastic team. In this article, we’ll explore innovative and meaningful ways to reward your staff. This helps for two reasons: 

  1. Your staff retention rates and team morale will skyrocket
  2. Your members will enjoy the atmosphere of your business far more

Here’s how to reward your staff when you know they’ve been going above and beyond for your business. 

1. More Money

It deserves to be said from the get-go. You’ll have committed staff members who are going to be with you from day one and beyond – but you’re also going to have your team members who are in it to pay the bills. Make sure that there’s an incentivized pay scale within your business, ensuring that your staff members want to grow and develop (along with their salaries). Something as simple as a percentage boost in their wage every 6 to 12 months can be the goal that they need to keep going. Other benefits, like bonuses for classes with a certain attendance level, can also ensure that they’re going the extra mile to bring you customers.

2. A Personal Touch

Remember that each one of your staff members is different and will appreciate recognition in a variety of different ways. That being said, for many, nothing beats a personalized ‘thank you.’ Whether it’s a handwritten note or a public shoutout during a team meeting, acknowledging your staff’s hard work can significantly boost their morale. Use these moments to highlight specific achievements or traits you value in them. Remember, genuine appreciation goes a long way in fostering loyalty and a sense of belonging.

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3. Invest in Their Future

Investing in your team’s professional growth is a powerful way to reward them. Offer opportunities for further training, certifications, or attending industry conferences. This not only shows that you value their development but also helps in upskilling your team, directly benefiting your fitness business.

Remember, if all goes well, you’re going to want to open up a second location someday. Investing in your current staff and nurturing them to become your future managers and location supervisors is the fastest way to peace of mind for your future fitness franchise.

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4. Health and Wellness Perks (Plus Merch)

As a fitness business, promoting health and wellness within your team resonates with your brand’s mission. Make sure all your staff have free rein to enjoy all the amenities of your fitness business. After all, they’re the ones keeping the doors open. Along with ensuring that your staff feels valued, it’s also just a great way to ensure that they’re happy in their own physical selves. 

Additionally, make sure you throw as much merch as you possibly can at your staff. Hoodies, bottles, pens, towels, stickers – everything you can to turn them into the brand advocate they need to be to boost your business visibility. After all, who doesn’t like free things?

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5. Flexible Working Arrangements

Flexibility can be a significant reward in today’s hectic world. Offering flexible hours, the option to work remotely when possible, or extra personal days can greatly enhance the work-life balance for your team, leading to happier and more productive employees.

When onboarding your staff, make sure to understand their own personal needs and schedule. If they have children or family members who need extra care, make sure you factor that into their schedule. Successful staff members don’t live to work, they work to live – make sure to be considerate when you’re building out the weekly or monthly schedule. 

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6. Supportive Work Environment

If people don’t feel comfortable in their workplace, they’re eventually going to stop coming into their workplace. Your job as a fitness business manager is to ensure that every member of your team feels welcome and safe when they come into work every day. Take the time to analyze your business and how you reward and recognize your staff. 

  • Do they have a feedback system available to provide comments on the workplace? 
  • Is it an inclusive environment that promotes diversity and inclusion? 
  • Do they have the facilities they need to do their job to the best of their ability?

Something as simple as a comment box in the breakroom can help show you glaring mistakes in your employment style that may be costing you star staff. 

Key Message: Your Staff Are Your Greatest Asset

Build a recruitment, onboarding, and staff retention strategy that focuses on turning your team into brand advocates who shout about your business from the rooftops. Hiring staff is often the easy part – keeping the star talent is the challenge. Here’s how: 

  1. Pay them well 
  2. Invest in their future
  3. Reward them personally 
  4. Respect their work-life balance
  5. Give them the benefits they deserve
  6. Create a stellar work environment

These six steps will give you the framework to build a team of highly committed, extremely motivated fitness professionals who will be with you every step of the way on your journey to building your fitness empire. 

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