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How to Keep your Fitness Brand Consistent on Social Media

How to Keep your Fitness Brand Consistent on Social Media

A clear and consistent brand message is extremely powerful when it comes to building a presence on social media. Every image you post, comment you make and tweet you send is a reflection of your brand and what you stand for as a business. Follow these tips to make sure you’re sending the right message to your dream clients. 

Branding a Fitness Business

So, how can you be consistent across your various social media channels? We have some really simple tips that are commonly missed by gym and studio owners. Don’t make the same mistakes!

1.Pick a Username & Stick to It

You want potential members to easily find your business via social media, right? So, why make it difficult for them? By using consistent usernames across channels, you can increase your likelihood of being found. 

If your business name is not available on a particular channel, choose a variation of your brand name that clients would typically search for. For example, include your street or city name after your business name, as opposed to a random combination of numbers that offer no brand coherence.

For example, if your username is “Jackie Fitness” on Facebook, your instagram username and twitter handle should also be @JackieFitness. If it’s not available, we could go with (@JackieFitnessLondon). 

2. Use the Same Bio and Logo 

Potential members should land on your social media page and instantly know they’re in the right place. For this to happen, you need to have some consistency across your social media bio and service description.

In How to Create your Fitness Business Brand we talk about crafting a mission statement and a catchy tagline for your fitness business. These elements should be included in your bio alongside a link to your website and relevant contact information.

If you have a mobile app for your business, include details on how current and potential members can download the app from the App or Play store.

Be sure to use the same version of your logo as your profile image across each channel. If the social media channel requires a cover photo, try to link it in with your website theme. For example, you could use your homepage hero image. 

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3. Follow Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice could be described as your brand’s personality. For example, you may describe your yoga studio’s brand as energetic, honest and positive.

Why is it important? By giving your brand a voice, you’re essentially making it more human and more relatable. Nobody wants to follow a business on Instagram, they want to follow the values that the business embodies.  

To convey the brand voice we mentioned above, you might post inspirational content that reasonates with your target market’s goals and objectives. For example, motivational monday client success stories or wednesday wisdom quotes.

As time goes by, you can refine and build upon this voice, making it even more relatable to your dream clients. 

4. Share Content That Embodies Your Brand

Whether you like it or not, every message, image or video you post with be judged and criticized by your audience. Before you make a post, ask yourself:

“How will my target market respond to this message. Will it reflect poorly on my brand image”?

If the tone or message doesn’t adhere to your brand values, don’t post it. It’s as simple as that. 

When sharing content from other sources, try to keep it within your area of specialisation. Sharing the latest fitness industry news is perfect, the happenings of your favourite show on Netflix, not so much. 

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