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​How to Increase your Revenues with In-app Purchases

​How to Increase your Revenues with In-app Purchases

We’ve touched on it time and time again, your mobile app, coupled with gym management software is a fantastic way to increase revenues for your fitness business. Not only can you increase member engagement with targeted, motivational push notifications, but you can also enable in-app purchases, giving you the opportunity to drive revenue to heights that were previously unreachable.

In this blog post, we discuss some of the unique opportunities afforded by in-app purchases, opportunities that every gym and studio owner who is serious about their fitness business must tap into.

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Let’s get started..

1. Membership Purchases at the Flick of a Thumb

So, let’s say a potential member finds your services and is enticed to download your mobile app. Depending on the setup of your gym or studio, you can let this member sign up to your app for free, create a profile and start browsing the classes, courses, appointments, facilities and even trainers you have to offer. A fantastic direct marketing channel for your fitness business.

Well, what’s next? Will the member close off the app – never to be reopened again? Or will they receive an introductory push notification from your team, encouraging them to purchase their first membership? That’s right, with powerful gym management software, you can do the latter. Before you know it, this potential member has added their credit or debit card details and purchased their very first month membership with your gym or studio.

With the ability to save card details, you can remove even more barriers to making purchases. And of course, Glofox treats the security of your customer’s financial details with the utmost importance.The fewer barriers there are to them making purchases, the more purchases they are likely to make.It’s that simple.

2. Self-service Upgrades

Your member has just completed their first month at your gym or fitness studio! Congratulations! What happens now? With another push notification sent from your easy to use gym management software, you can turn that once off membership purchase into a recurring monthly or even annual subscription. Maybe, it’ll look a little something like this:

“Emma, Wow! You’re already one month into your fitness journey! Stay on track of your goals with a Subscription to our gym – This way, your membership will automatically roll over each month! Upgrade here.”

Members can purchase subscriptions, so their memberships will automatically renew at the beginning of each new billing period – allowing for a consistent recurring revenue stream. People are far less likely to cancel memberships if they renew automatically without them having to think about it.

3. Two Tap Booking & Payments

Let’s go back to our potential member who downloaded your mobile app. Maybe they want to try out a class before committing to a membership? Don’t leave them hemming and hawing on what to do next. With your mobile app, this potential member can book and pay for a class there and then – No hesitation or “maybe I’ll call later” necessary!

With saved card details, that second booking can be made quicker than you can say “How was your first class?”. Members and drop ins alike can make class bookings anytime, anywhere.

With booking this simple, it won’t be long until your drop in turns into a loyal member and source of recurring revenue for your business – All thanks to simple two tap bookings and payments in your mobile app! No to mention, your members can also purchase additional class credits in seconds.

4. Book a Buddy

So, you’ve won over another new member! Great work. You know just as much as we do that the best place to find high quality referrals is from your current customers. Our “Book-a-Buddy” feature allows your members to bring a non-member friend or colleague along to a class with them. They just pay for the extra spot with their credit/debit card or credits, and never need to worry about working out alone again.

Don’t forget! You can encourage members to book a friend for a class by sending a simple, effective push notification. Why not try this one:

“Jake, you’re killing it! We bet you have a friend who’d love to join you for a session this week. Book a buddy in for a class today!”

Don’t underestimate the opportunity that Book-a-Buddy presents for your business. Each non-member that comes through your doors is a potential member, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to make them feel welcome. With this feature, you’ll be reaching your class capacity in no time!

5. Shop Until You Drop

Your Glofox app already comes loaded with tons of great features which can empower your members to access your products and service with just a few taps of their thumb. You gain the power of having your own storefront right there in your already feature-packed app.

This means that you can make your gym products available to your members at the touch of a button. Whether you’re selling clothing, protein powders, isotonic drinks, or workout equipment – it can all be made available for purchase on your members’ smartphones and tablets.

You can even offer a pre-order service for new products as they become available. Members can tap the app, make their choice, and then collect the items from you on release day. Members love the feeling they get from knowing they are one of the first to get their hands on a brand-new product. Leverage this desire by promoting up and coming new products.

What Are You Waiting For?

In-app purchases are a great way to generate extra cash for your business. Whether you’re enabling customers to book classes on the fly or integrating your very own store, you have the potential to pump up your revenue streams when you implement a gym management software and mobile app solution.

If you want to know more about how you can start generating additional income with the Glofox app, or have any questions at all about our gym management software solution, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Glofox experts today.  

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