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How ABC Glofox Simplifies Difficult Conversations With Your Members

ABC Glofox

In the dynamic world of fitness, owners often face challenging conversations with their members.

We’ve all been there, watching someone misuse equipment, inching ever closer to throwing their back out as they try to replicate some strange rep they found on TikTok, and wondering when the right moment to interject is.

Even that moment of getting ready to close up and finding a mountain of discarded towels throughout the changing room can be a difficult discussion to bring up with your members.

That’s even before we mention the majorly difficult conversation that all fitness business owners lose sleep over: member cancellations.

From discussing membership to enforcing gym policies, these discussions require tact, empathy, and a deep understanding of your business and your member’s needs. You can achieve this through a lot of trial and error, signs throughout the building, and reminders to your staff to keep an eye out, but there is an easier way.

ABC Glofox’s platform is designed to be your fitness business partner. It can help you track member behavior, missed payments, and even send out messages to members who might be misinterpreting the rules.

Remember, the last step in enforcing the rules of your premises is confrontation, not the first. Take all the preventative steps you can to ensure your members are happy, informed, and engaged with your community before things go south.

Let’s go through the difficult conversations and how ABC Glofox can help you.

1. Membership Cancellations

Let’s start with the big one – membership cancellations or angry clients can be tough. Understanding the reasons behind a member’s decision to leave is vital. ABC Glofox’s user-friendly interface allows you to track attendance and engagement, giving you insights into member behavior. This data helps you approach cancellation discussions informed and ready to offer tailored solutions, perhaps even changing their minds.

Additionally, ABC Glofox’s platform comes with e-agreements built into the onboarding process, meaning that all your members can be fully informed of all the rules and guidelines of your business.

If a member comes to you complaining of an issue, you can then refer them to this e-agreement that will show them exactly where the rule or guideline is spelled out.

Finally, in the worst case scenario, where a member refuses to pay their membership, you can track these payments, knowing exactly how much they owe and even how to best collect it from them.

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2. Smoothly Handling Fee Increases

Communicating fee increases is a delicate matter. With ABC Glofox, you can easily explain the added value behind this decision. Whether it’s upgrades to facilities or new classes added to the schedule, ABC Glofox helps you present these enhancements with our add-on feature Amplify.

Amplify is an automated messaging system within the ABC Glofox platform that allows you to send out personalized, automated, or member-wide messages in a variety of forms. This is significantly helpful in ensuring that all of your members are aware of exactly when the price changes will be implemented and how much they will be. Additionally, the ABC Glofox platform allows you to quickly adjust these prices for any of your classes or memberships with just a few clicks.

3. Discretely Address Inappropriate Behavior

When it comes to inappropriate behavior, discretion is key. ABC Glofox’s platform enables private, direct communication channels with members, allowing for sensitive issues to be addressed respectfully and confidentially. This helps maintain a positive gym atmosphere and ensures that all members feel respected and safe.

As said above, the e-agreements feature also ensures that all of your members are aware of the rules of your business from day one. Whether that’s phone use in the building (a quickly growing issue), misusing the gym equipment, or just not wiping down machines after they’re finished, the e-agreements feature keeps your members informed. Additionally, you can always send out a mass reminder with the ABC Glofox platform.

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4. Encouraging Underutilized Members

Firstly, the ABC Glofox platform allows you to see when members are coming to the end of their contracts, allowing you to capitalize on those at-risk members and ensure they stay engaged. Additionally, the ABC Glofox platform allows you to analyze your member behavior, letting you see when the best time for classes or sessions is. With these key insights, you can create a schedule that ideally suits your members’ schedules.

For members not making the most of their membership, ABC Glofox’s engagement tools are a game-changer. With the ABC Glofox platform, you can send personalized messages and fitness tips to all your at-risk members, helping to reignite their passion for fitness and making the conversation more about encouragement and support rather than contract renewals. With the Amplify add-on, you can even automate this task, creating a messaging workflow that is specifically designed for at-risk members.

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5. Discussing Health and Safety Responsibly

Health and safety discussions are critical. ABC Glofox helps you send out clear, concise information about safety protocols and healthy practices through in-app notifications, texts, and emails. This ensures members are well-informed and can adhere to the necessary guidelines, making these conversations less about enforcement and more about mutual care and responsibility.

Remember – personal confrontation is the last step in addressing an issue. General announcements and reminders can do wonders in helping people to follow safety guidelines. Often, people just aren’t aware of protocols and need to be properly informed. ABC Glofox can help you with that.

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6. Communicating Schedule Changes

Change is inevitable, but communicating it doesn’t have to be a hassle.

There are few things worse for a member than showing up to a class and finding the door locked and the lights off, only to find that the class has been rescheduled to tomorrow.

The ABC Glofox platform can assist in two ways with this:

  • The Amplify add-on ensures consistent, automated messaging for all your members – allowing you to relax knowing all your members are informed.
  • The member booking platform ensures all schedules are easily viewed through your branded app.

The ability to have a branded app showing all class schedules and availability is one of the biggest benefits of using ABC Glofox, and it can be a game-changer for your members for reliability and visibility.

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Focus on Prevention, Not Confrontation

Difficult conversations are part and parcel of running a fitness business, but they don’t have to be daunting.

ABC Glofox can be your fitness business partner that helps you to make those difficult conversations far easier. Not only can the ABC Glofox platform help with communicating, it can also help in reducing the amount of difficult issues you may have with your members.

Here’s Victoria Thomas of JourneyFit speaking on how ABC Glofox has helped her business thrive

From notifying your community of price increases, schedule changes, or policy updates, ABC Glofox is the member management tool for you.

Want to learn more about how ABC Glofox can be your fitness business partner?

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