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Glofox in 2018: A Recap

Glofox in 2018: A Recap

In 2018, we’ve seen a lot of classes booked, memberships bought and Studios taking it to the next level and succeeding! Meanwhile, we’ve been hard at work to help you go beyond managing your Studio – to acquire more clients, retain more members and grow your Studio.

On top of all our great improvements in terms of speed and stability, we also wanted to take the chance to celebrate some of the new features and functionality added to Glofox.

Reduce No-Shows

By enabling late cancellations for your Studio, you can allow those who can no longer come to a class to cancel and create space for someone who can make it – without issuing cancellation credits. This will reduce no-shows, disincentives late cancellation and optimizes your Studio’s revenue. Learn how

Manage Your Studio on the Go

The Glofox Pro Admin app was built for you and your team to manage a day’s classes without needing a laptop at the Studio. Whether it’s booking members into a class or your trainers marking class attendance, it’s now manageable on your phone. There’s no better time to get your team taking advantage of Glofox Pro – manage your studio on the go

Get More Data, with Less Effort

By tracking attendance and check-ins at your studio, clients are encouraged to book in advance, and you get an accurate picture of who is actively engaging with the studio. While the benefits are clear, it can take time to do it manually – so we created the Check-In Kiosk, where you can set up a tablet or laptop and give clients the power to check themselves in when they arrive at the studio! Learn how to boost your studios attendance tracking here.

Optimize Your Studio’s Schedule

Get more insights into what works (and what should be changed) about your studio’s schedule. Whether it’s finding out which popular class should have more sessions added to your weekly schedule, or which trainers attract the most bookings – use the Trainer and Class Performance reports to make data-driven decisions on your studio’s schedule.

Track the Success of Your Marketing Campaigns and Increase Conversions

Integrating the Facebook Pixel with Glofox, which gives you better insight into how your paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns are performing. With this integration, you’ll have the insights to do more of what works and not waste money on a campaign that doesn’t convert! Start tracking events with these key tips.

Coach in a group training class

Grow Your Business with Glofox

After seeing many of our customers open multiple locations throughout the year, we developed additional functionality to support their growth. With the addition of multi-location support and roaming membership Glofox can help you manage this type of growth for your fitness business. Learn more about operating multiple locations on Glofox

Better Experience For Your Members

We have updated the look and feel of our Glofox App and branded Standalone App. As part of this the apps are faster, easier to use and more attractively designed. This update saw a higher conversion on clients booking a session when the logged into the app. Not only that, but the update gives you more power to customize the app to your studio’s branding. Check out our blog on the update to learn more of what this change meant.

Automatically Send the Right Message to the Right Member or Lead

Throughout 2018, 9 trigger based emails were added to your Glofox toolkit which, once activated, are automatically sent to clients when they take specific actions.

From welcoming new sign-ups to the studio with information on how to book and what membership to get started on, to sending members who expire an email with an easy way to renew their membership – these targeted email automations can boost member engagement and retention for your studio.

Why not check out the Webinar we did early this year on how to connect and engage with your clients using Glofox!

What’s your New Year’s resolution for your Studio? Let us know so we can work together to achieve it in 2019!

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"I think Glofox speaks to lots of different fitness businesses. I looked at a few options, but the Glofox positioning was more flexible. Without it the business wouldn't be scaleable”
Mehdi Elaichouni
Owner at Carpe Diem BJJ

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