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How Fitness Technology is Transforming the Industry

Woman Using App-Based Fitness Technology

Fitness technology is breaking down geographic barriers and time constraints. 

That’s a big promise, but it’s really what’s happening out there. Fitbits track your steps, apps like Strava track your runs, nutrition apps like MyFitnessPal track your macros, and gym management tools like Glofox track your fitness clients—and your gym’s progress. Nothing’s manual anymore, and athletics leaders need to get wise to how technology is transforming the fitness industry.  

At Glofox, we’re creating the next wave in gym management software, so we’re right there with you. In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways in which technology and smart fitness are evolving together, the opportunities opening up for o fitness instructors and gym owners, and key trends in the fitness industry that’ll help you stay ahead tech-wise. So come on, let’s go! 

How fitness technology is changing the industry

Tech is simplifying the way in which people train. Everyone uses Apple Pay to buy their morning coffee or logs onto a CRM to do sales and now, most gym goers use fitness trackers to monitor their training and get results faster. 

Fitness technology will never eliminate the need for physical exertion, of course. But what it does do is help ensure your blood, sweat and tears achieve results efficiently and effectively, so no dumbbell curl goes to waste.  

An app that helps regulate your diet will help you stay energized and track macros. A simple wearable device that monitors your fitness levels can help keep you motivated—even if it’s just to guilt trip you about how little activity you’ve done that day. And gym management tools like Glofox make it easy to book sessions with trainers and manage memberships. 

That demand is already there, and gym owners who match it are already reaping the benefits. (You can do it, too!) 

Our partners Trainerize have also created an in-depth guide on how AI will revolutionize the fitness industry. From analyzing user behavior to automated responses for members, there is a lot to capitalize on. 

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Why studios need to adapt to changing fitness technology

Athletes’ needs are changing, and the way studios work has to change to keep up as technology advances.  Integrating fitness tech such as wearable devices, at-home training, and mobile apps can make life easier for both you and your clients. And that means studios like yours can get a serious competitive advantage by being early adopters of new technologies.  

For personal trainers and gym owners, that may be spending more time engaging with clients instead of doing admin. And for users, it might be having easy access to data that enables them to focus on training—or the ability to schedule fitness classes without calling in. And you know (wink wink, nudge nudge), Glofox can help you do all of that in a single, super-easy-to-use dashboard. 

8 current fitness technology trends

Let’s dive into nine of the most popular fitness technology products and services available right now:

1. Online fitness plans

You can find out how to do pushups with a quick Google search, but bespoke training programs designed by a personal trainer are what actually drive long-lasting habits and results. It’s the difference between a one-off and a structured plan. So create an online fitness plan and you’ll have a brand-new way to engage your clients. 

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2. At-home fitness equipment

Home fitness equipment gives folks the flexibility to work out when it suits them. Brands of Peloton and NordicTrack saw a huge uptake during lockdown—and many at-home athletes have stuck with them since. Gym owners and personal trainers need to be aware of this technology trend and look at ways of engaging clients in a similar way. Like, offer some virtual classes—and gear your programming towards the sorts of home fitness equipment most athletes keep around them. Boom: that’s win-win.  

3. Wearable technology

Wearable technology is everywhere these days. Brands such as Fitbit, the Apple Watch and Garmin allow everybody to track their fitness metrics in a way that was only possible for top athletes a decade ago. For gyms, this means there’s a huge opportunity to create data-driven, personalized coaching programs for clients. Check in on your clients’ metrics—whether that’s their macros, their weight, or their personal maxes. They’ll remember that attention to detail.  

4. Virtual reality

VR and gamification have taken off in a big way over recent years. They bring together fitness and entertainment to provide an immersive experience that is in high demand. It’s an avenue worth exploring for studios and gyms that’re looking to really stand out from the crowd. Major brands in this sector include Oculus, Omni by Virtuix, and HOLOFIT, so… happy exploring in the metaverse!  

5. Recovery trainers

When it comes to successful training routines, recovery is equally as important as the activity itself. Allowing your body to fully recover keeps it in good shape and helps prepare you to get stuck into your next workout. And fitness technology can help here too. Apps and trackers like Recover Athletics and Athlytic can monitor  your water intake, heart rate and breathing, and sleep patterns—and recovering smart will enhance your workout performance in turn. 

6. AI personal trainers

As a personal trainer, you might look at this particular piece of technology as a threat. And you’d be right. But good quality artificial intelligence tools never come cheap, and that includes the fitness realm. We’re not saying you should hook yourself up—we’re saying smart fitness tools are out there, so beat them where they can’t compete: the human parts. Be funny, be personable, and connect with the athletes you train on a 1:1 level—that’s how to outclass artificial intelligence. 

7. Wellness apps

Since the mid-’10s, there’s been an increasing understanding of the relationship between physical and mental health. As a gym owner or personal trainer, offering some kind of holistic services that encourage meditation and positive mental health may not be a bad way to make your fitness facility stand out—and show you care. Many of Glofox’s clients use our app to roll out cutting-edge wellness programs, and we love to see it.  

8. Gym management software

Ok, ok—it’s our turn. Gym management software tools are on the cutting edge of fitness operations, and help studios like yours deliver personalized training while juggling all your membership services.

Even the simplest tweaks can add up. Imagine if your training clients could schedule appointments using an app instead of having to call you on the phone (ugh, what a time). Small change, but there’s a big business impact. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of fitness technology for personal trainers. 

Leveraging fitness apps like Glofox can improve your customer experience and engagement, while helping clients manage their training with ease. That’s more control for clients, and more control for you—plus less stress to boot. Plus, having enhanced membership analytics will help you keep an eye on how your business is performing. 

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How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Now you know what fitness technology is available and how beneficial it can be, the only decision you need to make is what you’ll need to integrate into your business. If you’re looking at fitness management software tools, it doesn’t get any better than Glofox. Our simple dashboard will tie together your fitness club’s digital operations and services, track your business wins, and help you deliver better training to more clients. Tech might be changing the fitness industry, but you’re right on time to ride the wave. 


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