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Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Fitness Business Podcast


In the last couple of years, podcasts have become sources of entertainment and knowledge for people worldwide. No matter what topic you might be interested in, there’s a podcast dedicated to it.

Right now, there are 1,750,000 podcast shows, which is significant growth from the 550,000 podcasts available in 2018.

As far as fitness business podcasts go, you’ll usually find that they’re produced by people in the industry, whether a business owner, personal trainer, or leading business experts. They’re a fantastic source of tips and advice for those who are starting or already running their own fitness business.

Aside from listening to expert advice on a fitness business podcast, perhaps you’re considering starting your own. It’s a great way to promote your personal brand or gym and build authority in the industry.

Here, we cover the basics of what you need to start a fitness business podcast and what makes for a great show. We’ll also take a look at some leading examples to inspire you.

What Is a Fitness Business Podcast?

To put it simply, a podcast is an audio program – similar to listening to a talk show on the radio. 

The main difference between the two is that you can subscribe to a podcast on your smartphone and listen to it wherever or whenever you like. Another important difference is that most podcasts have one primary topic that they discuss. 

Seeing as there’s a show for every interest, it’s likely that some of your members already listen to a range of podcasts. The popularity of podcast shows is on the rise. As much as 50% of all USA homes have declared themselves as podcast fans, and 24% listen to a podcast weekly show regularly. Plus, hosting a podcast has become hugely popular among influencers, especially those in the health and wellness space. 

A fitness business podcast will revolve around common topics, including what it takes to be a successful fitness entrepreneur and the challenges that come with owning a fitness business. Often, a show will invite an industry expert to join them for each episode to share valuable insights on a specific area of expertise. Think along the lines of fitness business investors to talk about what makes a gym profitable, retention and acquisition experts, gym sales gurus, and people with experience in building a brand on social media in the wellness space.  

With a fitness business podcast, you can build a reputation as a relevant fitness entrepreneur among other gym owners and fitness fans and raise awareness of the importance of wellness. Moreover, they’re an excellent fitness marketing opportunity for your business.

What Do You Need to Start a Fitness Business Podcast?

Many gym owners who want to start a podcast don’t know where to begin. So, here are the basics you’ll need to get started:

  • Name your podcast
  • Choose a format
  • Map out your content and talking points
  • Decide on the length and style
  • Find the right equipment
  • Outsource an editor
  • Cover all your basis with distribution

1. Pick a Name

Picking a name for your podcast is a crucial step. This is the moment to demonstrate your creativity. Your title can be descriptive and straightforward, or it can be something catchy and creative. 

The most important thing you have to remember is that the title should have a connection to your specific topic, that is, the fitness industry.

2. Decide on the Format

There are different types of podcast formats:

  1. Solo shows
  2. Interview shows
  3. Co-hosted shows

Choose a format that you think will bring your audience the most value. Will it be you and your business partner talking about different topics? Or will you follow a guest format?

Inviting guests that are from the fitness industry to your show can be beneficial in many ways. Other gym owners, personal trainers, or industry experts can provide an insight different from yours and bring diversity to your content. 

Also, those who have heard about them and love their work will tune in to listen. And you’ll have an opportunity to get more audience and followers by being professional and entertaining. The second option would be more general, covering a range of wellness topics and tips, and target your members.

3. Plan Your Topics

As a fitness entrepreneur, there are generally two paths you can take with the angle of your show:

  1. Fitness business-focused.
  2. Health, wellness, and fitness-focused.

For this article’s purpose, we’re assuming that you want to choose the first option: one that focuses on the fitness industry itself and is aimed at fellow fitness entrepreneurs. 

Whichever angle you choose, it’s important to map out your content and talking points: The guests you’d like to invite and what you’d like them to talk about, or the topics you will cover yourself.

4.The Length and the Style of the Show

Your style is what your audience will remember you by. Every successful business podcast is done in a conversational and engaging style.

The length of your shows can vary from one topic to the next, but the average length of each show should be somewhere between 25 and 40 minutes. 

*Additional tip: Think ahead if this is going to be a weekly show or one episode every two weeks. Make at least three episodes before airing, and plan the future topics in time. 

5. Getting the Right Equipment

To start making a fitness business podcast, you don’t need a professional studio. All you need is a computer and a high-quality microphone! 

6. Outsourcing an Editor

After you have recorded your podcast episode, you’ll want to remove some parts that you think are unnecessary or delete the parts where you made a mistake. While this in itself is simple enough, combing through an hour-long recording and then putting it all together to create the perfect 30-minute episode is a time-consuming process. Especially when it’s not part of your natural skill set, we recommend outsourcing an editor and providing them with detailed notes from the recording – it will save you a lot of time in the long-run!

7. Cover Your Basis With Distribution

People listen to podcasts in a lot of different places. Spotify and Apple Podcasts are probably the most popular, but you don’t want to miss out on any potential listeners.

When it comes to choosing the right platform for your podcast, there isn’t a correct answer. There are many good podcasting platforms like Buzzsprout and Podbean, but you can always opt for another one that you find to be the most intuitive. 

6 Great Examples of a Fitness Business Podcast

Sometimes, the best way to plan your fitness business podcast is by looking at other fitness influencers who are doing a fantastic job with their shows. Whether they’re fitness club owners or industry leaders, their podcasts can serve as an inspiration for your future endeavors. 

The Top 10 Barriers
Slowing Your Fitness
Business Growth

Discover more

Let’s see which fitness business podcast shows are definitely worth following. 

1. The Fitness Founders Podcast

Brought to you by Glofox, The Fitness Founders Podcast brings insights from experts across every sector of the industry.

With each new fitness entrepreneur we welcome as a guest, listeners can learn about:

  • The challenges some of the most successful fit pros have overcome
  • Fitness Marketing tips from industry experts
  • How fitness technology will continue to reshape the industry
  • General trends evolving trends in the industry
  • The future of fitness

Some of our most recent guests have included Adam Zeitsiff, Bryan O’Rourke, and Matthew Januszek, and we have more exciting speakers joining us to discuss a range of topics over the next few weeks.

2. Escape Your Limits

Hosted by Matthew Januszek, the co-founder of Escape Fitness Equipment, The Escape Your Limits podcast is just the thing you need to learn how the greatest influencers and leaders in the fitness industry think.

All gym club owners know how difficult running a gym is. However, some don’t know that it also includes being a leader in both good and bad times. This show educates listeners on what it takes to become a successful leader in the industry. 

What drives and motivates the most successful industry experts? That’s precisely what you’ll find out if you listen to this podcast. With each new episode, you can discover the mental, emotional and physical state necessary to stand out from the crowd.

3. Fitness Business Asia Podcast

What makes the Fitness Business Asia Podcast different from all others is that it addresses the issues, challenges, and advantages of being in Asia’s fitness industry. This podcast is an excellent example of a successful show that is localized. 

If you wish to attract local fitness professionals, gym enthusiasts, or business investors, you can always limit your topics to the local fitness business industry. The show’s host, Jack Thomas, has a wealth of experience as a fitness business owner. Jack owns Base Gyms in Bangkok and has joined us on The Fitness Founders Podcast on more than one occasion to share his valuable insights:

4. Fitness Career Mastery Podcast

The Fitness Career Mastery Podcast is great for those who are entering the fitness industry and are curious to know the right way to succeed. Barry and Shay, the husband and wife who host the podcast, also talk about creating a personal brand, marketing, fitness business development, and finances.

This podcast shows how easily you can promote yourself and your services by talking about your journey and experience in the fitness industry. 

Barry and Shay have also previously joined us on The Fitness Founders Podcast. You can check out their episode below:

5. Business of Fitness Podcast With Jason Khalipa

The regular guests of this podcast show include fitness entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and the best personal trainers in the world. In a lively back-and-forth, together with their host Jason Khalipa, they discuss all the hot topics from the business of fitness. 

One of the main features of this podcast is the limited time format. Even though longer episodes allow you to discuss a topic in greater detail, shorter ones are more practical for the subscribers since they can listen to the entire episode in one go. 

6. Two Brain Radio

If you like rags to riches stories or how you can build an empire and overcome any challenge, then Two Brain Radio is the one for you. Chris Cooper is a gym owner and the author of the best-selling fitness business books Two-Brain Business and Two Brain Business 2.0. He is also the founder of the business mentorship program of the same name, which you can find at After helping hundreds of clients find wealth, Chris started Two Brain Radio to present the best from the fitness industry world. 

You can check out Chris’s episode on The Fitness Founders Podcast here:

What Makes a Fitness Business Podcast Worth Listening to?

People listen to fitness business podcast shows for different reasons. Some might do it because they’re facing challenges, and they want to learn how others in the same position have overcome them. Others might turn to podcasts because they’re thinking of opening a gym and want to learn about everything they’ll need to succeed. And some just generally want to improve; whether it’s their marketing, retention, overall business plan, or online offering – they want to learn how the best are doing it. 

No matter the reason, fitness business podcasts are very popular in the fitness community. By hosting your own show and listening to and learning from others, you can grow as a fitness expert, talk to other professionals from the industry, record your journey, and provide natural and seamless marketing to your business.

Here are some of the reasons why podcasts attract such a great number of subscribers who listen to them daily.

1. Practical Real-World Advice

There are many different books that you can read and find out more about business management, finances, and planning. But unlike these books and theoretical knowledge, podcasts offer real-world advice from experts that have been through particular and unique situations. 

Subscribers like to hear practical advice that they can later apply to their own gym business. And that makes fitness business podcasts a precious asset to the future and present fitness entrepreneurs.

2. Industry Experience

A fitness business podcast gives you a unique insight into the industry, one that only comes with experience. When a podcast host invites fitness industry experts onto their show, especially ones who are well-known in the industry, people want to hear what they have to say.

No matter if they are discussing the latest trends in personal training or how technology is shaping the future of fitness, those who have industry experience will always have something interesting and valuable to say. 

In this way, you as a host will learn more new things from the industry, but also you can get more subscribers that will look forward to your next show.

3. Good Production Values

Lastly, a podcast that has a good production value eventually has more subscribers. The production value of your podcast refers to the technical quality of your shows. It mostly depends on the sound quality, the information presented to the audience, as well as the host-guest dynamic.

Most fitness business podcasts have all of these components, and that’s what makes them successful. The topics are usually engaging and relevant enough for the audience to stick around until the end, especially if the episode includes an exciting guest and top-notch audio equipment. 

In Summary

Having a fitness business podcast can help you grow as a fitness expert and position you among the most outstanding industry leaders. It is an excellent way of building a personal brand but also of promoting your services like your personal training session or your gym. 

Starting your podcast can be challenging. But if you think of the right topics, find the proper equipment, and make your content worthy of attention, soon great guests will follow, and you can expect to see all the benefits of running a successful podcast. 

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