[eBook] Turn your Fitness Business into a Marketing Machine (Part 3)

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15 May 17
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Our business education partner, NPE, have just released the third part of their fitness business marketing guide. This time around, they discuss a systematic action plan to help you overcome obstacles and start driving more referrals and renewals than ever before.

Referrals and Renewals Are Moments of Truth. Did You Deliver the Client Experience You Promised? 

You’ll find out just as soon as you ask. Fitness business owners are naturally reluctant to reach out to their clients for referrals and renewals: It risks a judgment. But you gotta reach out and ask. Referrals are the most cost-effective strategy for getting new clients. And you cannot grow your business without renewals. Unfortunately, many fitness business owners limit themselves to inconsistent and unfocused efforts at renewals and referrals missing business that could be theirs for the taking. It stops now!Download the “Turn Your Fitness Business into a Marketing Machine: Part 3” (£147.00 value) guideInside, you’ll discover:

  • The mindset change needed to overcome “ask” reluctance;
  • The proven best time to ask for a referral;
  • One way to make it easy for clients to refer people to you;
  • Why automation trips up the referral-gathering process;
  • The No.1 mistake business owners make when a client’s account is up for renewal;
  • And much, much more!

Start implementing a proven SYSTEM to drive in your ideal clients, and be well on your way to turning your fitness business into a marketing machine!

turning your fitness business into a marketing machine

[Ebook] Turn Your Fitness Business into a Marketing Machine:

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