Implementing Push Notifications with Gym Management Software

Published on: 
07 July 16
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What if a single message sent to a member’s mobile device could help you increase membership sales? With Glofox gym management software, you can see the results for yourself.

Studies by Localytics show that push messaging drives approximately 88% more users to open your app. What is push messaging? A push message is a short message or notification displayed on the home screen of a smartphone or tablet. The message is sent by an app installed on the device and once used correctly, can be a great tool to bring users back to your app.

For your fitness studio or gym to take advantage of push notifications, firstly, you need a mobile app for booking and payments. Once your members install your app, you’re ready to take your marketing strategy to a whole new level. The potential to boost revenue, reduce class no-shows and start building meaningful relationships with your clients is huge.

Mobile App for Gym Bookings

Boost Engagement, Retention & Reduce No Shows

Your mobile app is a great way to drive class bookings and membership sales. But what happens if a member loses motivation on their fitness journey? Will they stop using your app and forget they’ve downloaded it? Not every member will describe themselves as a fitness fanatic. Some clients need a little more encouragement to set aside time to workout. Push notifications sent through your gym management software can give your members the gentle ‘push’ they need to keep engaging with your business – renewing their membership month after month.

Your Members Will Actually See Your Messages

What’s great about push notifications is that they are sent directly to your members’ home screen i.e. they are guaranteed to see it once notifications are enabled on the device. According to Mailchimp’s 2016 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, the average email open rate in the health and fitness industry is just 22.5%. Ever wondered why your bookings didn’t rock sky high after your last promotion email blast? Probably because over 77% of your members didn’t open the email.

The #1 Rule of Push Notifications: Add Value to Your Member’s Day

If you can’t quite put your finger on how your members will benefit from the push notification you’ve just created, don’t send it. There’s a fine line between a helpful message at convenient times and being bombarded with marketing messages. The last thing you want is members disabling notifications from your fitness business app.

Add value to your member’s day by simply giving them the information they’re looking for at intervals convenient to them. Now’s the time to use your gym management software features to create meaningful relationships with your members and cultivate customer loyalty whilst doing so. Be sure to test out different combinations of content, offers and time intervals for your messages so you find the perfect balance:

  1. Upcoming class reminders:
    • “Emma, don’t forget! Your spin class starts in 2 hours!
  2. Motivational and inspirational messages:
    • E.g. “Client of the week: Checkout Sarah’s journey to fit, strong & healthy”. 
  3. Details of new courses launching:
    • “Aerial Yoga Course: Filling up fast – secure your spot now!”
  4. Training, exercise and nutrition tips:
    • “3 pre class stretches to get you pumped!”
  5. Incentive based discounts:
    • “Book your first class through the app to get 15% off.”
  6. Class updates or cancellations:
    • “Checkout our special bank holiday timetable now!”

You can ensure you only send relevant messages to members through the use of push notification filtering.  Depending on the fitness studio or gym management software you use, your mobile app may be integrated with a backend admin management system. In Glofox’s case, our clients can filter push notification messages based on the following and much more:

  • Member activity: E.g. You may wish to send a particular message only to those who are on a 10 class pass membership and haven’t booked a class in the past 30 days.
  • Membership type and renewal date: E.g. You can create a reminder notification to be sent out to members on a monthly membership with a renewal payment due in the next week.  
  • Class attendance: E.g. You can tailor a notification to be sent out to only those who attended your 7pm wednesday spin class, perhaps with a link to the blog post on post class stretching tips that you discussed during class.
  • Last booking/visit date: E.g. You may choose to send a class pack discount promotion to members whose last booking or visit date was over 15 days ago.  

Remember, the more targeted and personalised your messages are, the better the end result in terms of more app launches, more bookings and more revenue.