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BFS Spotlight: The Key to Creating Memorable Client Experiences


This guide on creating memorable client experiences comes from our partners over at Boutique Fitness Solutions, a company dedicated to helping boutique fitness businesses make the most of their potential.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of business, focusing on creating memorable client experiences has become a paramount aspect of retaining and growing your clientele. In recent conversations with business owners, a recurring concern has been the challenge of new clients not progressing beyond their introductory offers, leading to churn. Not all clients are naturally self-motivated, and providing them with a consistently memorable experience can be the key to retaining their loyalty. Let’s dissect this issue by identifying three critical touchpoints in the new client experience where small changes can yield significant impacts by increasing conversion rates to membership and reducing churn.

Touchpoint 1: Pre-Class Experience

Main Objective: Set clear client expectations before their first visit to your studio.

Why it’s important: Streamlining the client’s experience and eliminating confusion and anxiety can create a competitive advantage and foster brand loyalty.

Action Item: Revisit your first class reminder email.  Does it lay out for the client what to expect, when to arrive, where to put their belongings, what to bring, who will be there to greet them, etc.?

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Touchpoint 2: In-Studio Pre and Post-Class Experience

Main Objective: Shift focus from your product (the class itself) to the overall experience of visiting your studio.

Why it’s important: A stellar pre-class experience can help put clients in the right state of mind to have an incredible in-class experience. Post-class, you can make a great class even more unforgettable, or address anything that might have been less-than-stellar.

Action Item: According to Dr. Bedford, after-class interactions have the most significant impact. Encourage all team members, from instructors to front desk staff, to ask clients at least one question after each class. A simple “How was class?” can prompt clients to vocalize their positive experiences, effectively promoting your studio for you.

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Touchpoint 3: In-Class Experience

Main Objective: Ensure a consistent and systematic experience in every class, regardless of instructor or class type.

Why it’s important: A standardized in-class experience is pivotal in building brand loyalty and maintaining quality control.

Action Item: Spice up the pre-class routine by introducing a physical icebreaker that instructors lead before each class. Physical icebreakers stimulate a connection between the client’s mind and body, serving as a captivating and disarming technique. As Steve Feinberg, the Founder of Speedball Fitness, notes, “Physical icebreakers get the client’s brain and body talking to each other.”

To keep experience-seeking clients coming back, consider implementing these small yet impactful measures. Remember, creating a memorable client experience isn’t solely about luxury; it’s about being unique, authentic, specific, and thoughtful. By addressing these key touchpoints, you can not only enhance client retention but also build a devoted clientele who champion your brand.

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