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Announcing the Launch of the Glofox Facebook Pixel Integration

Announcing the Launch of the Glofox Facebook Pixel Integration

Goal-setting is such a crucial part of getting your clients to where they want to be in their fitness journey.

You know the drill:

  • You begin by setting a baseline with them that shows where they are today
  • Next, you and your client set a goal to work towards in an agreed period of time.
  • And then you track their progress, changing up things that don’t work and doubling down on what is showing results.

As a fitness entrepreneur, you should apply the same thinking to your studios business goals, but this is often not the case. Ask yourself this:

  • Have you ever wondered if your marketing campaigns are actually successful?
  • Do you know exactly what is working and why?
  • Do your campaigns result in account creation, membership purchases, or session bookings?

Don’t keep spending your hard earned money on paid campaigns that may or may not be working – use data to get the best return for your investment.

With this powerful integration between the Facebook Pixel and your Glofox website integration, you’ll no longer be in the dark.

The Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that you can use to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns on Facebook & Instagram.

With this integration, you’ll have the insights to do more of what works and not waste money on a campaign that doesn’t convert!

Impact Your Bottom Line with Data Driven Decisions

Impact your bottom line with data driven decisions

Send the right message to the right people

Turbo-boost your Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns by targeting them towards specific audiences. Once you track what leads are doing on your website integration, you can re-target them with messaging that is most relevant to what they care about.

  • Did they check out your Class schedule, but not book a session?

Why not create a list of people who fit this description and promote a new class you’ve added to the Schedule!

  • Were they browsing your memberships and left the page without purchasing one?

Target them with advertising that re-engages them and prompts them to take that next step and experience your Studio. Maybe it’s a trial membership or a special offer membership you have in time for January!

When you know what your leads are interested in, you can deliver them ads they actually care about and will more likely respond to.

Boost Conversion

A knock on effect of sending the right message to the right people is that you’ll have more successful campaigns. This is a double win!

1. You’ll get more new clients, more sessions booked and more membership purchased.

2. You’ll get a better return on investment for your paid Facebook or Instagram marketing campaigns.

Track what works

The benefits of the Facebook Pixel integration extend beyond your paid marketing. You can optimize your unpaid marketing by having insights into what works when it comes to your client’s online experience. Keep an eye on where leads struggle and don’t complete the action of buying a membership or booking a session.

Once you know where leads struggle, you can work on improving their experience – like improving navigation on your website. With the Glofox Website integration, you’ll be able to split memberships and events under different tabs on your website. This will make it easier for leads to find exactly what they are looking for – and to convert! Check out more on how to do that here

Want to Learn More?

In our knowledge base, you can learn how to Integrate your Facebook Pixel with your Glofox Website Integration.

You can also read more here about which events you’ll be able to track in your Facebook Events Manager once they’re connected.

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