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Announcing ABC Glofox’s New Restricted Memberships Update

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In today’s fitness landscape, flexibility and personalized experiences are essential. People go to the gym or to fitness studios for a range of reasons, which you need to cater to as a fitness business owner. By offering multiple membership options that work for your member base, it shows that you understand their specific needs. This is why we have added additional flexibility to our restricted membership offering, helping you to provide a better experience to your members.  

What is a restricted membership?

Restricted memberships use a credit system to limit the number or type of classes a member can attend during a given membership cycle. While this allows for more customization in membership options for members to choose from, they have also been seen as less flexible compared to their unlimited counterparts. Sometimes, members don’t understand the restrictions, or can’t track what classes or experiences are available to them. This is something that our new features fix.

We’ve been making strides to improve the features associated with restricted memberships, bringing them closer to the unlimited membership experience.

In this article, we’ll explore how the latest updates to these memberships are set to change the game, ensuring a more seamless and engaging experience for studios and gyms. 

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The Problem With Traditional Restricted Memberships 

While restricted memberships give studio owners more control over the number of classes or appointments a member can attend per month, the limitations lead to a disjointed experience for both members and owners. Often, everyone involved struggles with:

Limited Flexibility: Members on restricted plans often face more rigidity than those on unlimited plans, affecting their overall satisfaction and engagement with the studio. 

Operational Confusion: The difference between what is allowed for unlimited versus restricted members can confuse not just the members themselves but also the staff, complicating training and day-to-day management. 

Operational Inefficiencies: The need for workarounds to accommodate members on restricted plans can slow down processes, reducing operational efficiency and detracting from the member experience. 

How We Made Restricted Memberships More Freeing

Recognizing these issues, the ABC Glofox team has made significant strides to enhance the flexibility and user-friendliness of restricted memberships. Key updates include: 

Ability to edit a subscription: This feature brings our users the ability to process a bulk price increase to an existing restricted membership, creating more operational efficiency. You can find more info here

Purchase restricted membership in new checkout: Until now, it was only possible to purchase unlimited memberships in the new checkout. With the latest updates, you can now search for, and purchase a restricted membership in the new cart. You can find more info here.  

Integration of Flexible Payment Options: Within the new checkout, you can now purchase subscriptions using our flexible payment methods. Allow your clients to alternate between different payment methods from cycle to cycle. You can find more info here.  

Glofox POS Terminal:  You can now process a restricted membership on the Glofox POS terminal, facilitating a smoother transaction process. You can find more info here.  

Recurring Class Bookings: Staff can now create a recurring class booking on the Dashboard calendar for restricted memberships. Bookings within the current and next membership cycle are currently supported. In an upcoming release, staff will be able to create recurring bookings further into the future. You can find more info here.  

These improvements are designed to align the benefits of restricted memberships more closely with those of unlimited ones, providing all members with a consistent and satisfying experience. 

What’s Next for Restricted Memberships? 

Looking ahead, the focus will continue to be on refining the purchasing flow and extending the capabilities of restricted memberships further: 

Consecutive Memberships: This option allows for more continuous engagement without the administrative headaches of signing up for a membership during each month or cycle. This also helps to improve predictive revenue, client retention and boosts the members’ lifetime value. 

Scheduling and Cancelation Features: We are working on adding the flexibility to schedule a cancellation, adjust the next payment date, and modify pauses for restricted memberships. 

This year, we’re looking to provide a feature between unlimited and restricted memberships, so expect lots of exciting updates!  

Need more information on how restricted members can help your business?

Reach out to our team and we can show you how ABC Glofox is the business platform you need to grow your business.

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