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4 Key Metrics That Define the Modern Fitness Industry

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Since 2020, the fitness industry has been completely turned on its head. After one of the most volatile and challenging eras for the industry of all time, there is a completely new landscape for fitness business owners to look out across. 

The melding of virtual and in-person classes is now complete, with many consumers expecting an online experience from their fitness provider almost at a minimum. People have also changed their habits, realizing that community and communication are also at the core of health and wellness. Additionally, new modalities, fitness methods, and workout types have taken the world by storm (we’re looking at you, pickleball). 

10 years ago, people expected a lot less from their fitness providers, and now it’s up to you as a fitness business owner to create the experience that the modern world is looking for. 


By keeping these four metrics as your North Star. 

We’ve analyzed over 30,000 businesses in 100+ countries to bring you the data that will help you understand the fitness industry best.

Stat 1: Community is Key

People go to the gym or studio for a variety of different reasons. In our research, we’ve separated them into four categories: 

  • Routine Lifers
  • Wellness Lovers
  • Fitness Explorers
  • Casual Consumers

Out of these four categories, two are seeing considerable growth: Routine Lifers and Wellness Lovers. People are looking for a more holistic fitness experience, including a feeling of community and belonging from their fitness provider and fellow members. Providing just the equipment and guidance as a personal trainer is now no longer enough – you have to be ready to create an inclusive, engaging, and comprehensive fitness experience. 

What Does This Mean For My Fitness Business? 

The scope of what’s required from you to your members is much wider. Now, you have to include a more wellness-focused and community-based approach. Without it, your members will lose interest and move on to another fitness provider. 

How can you provide a more community-focused approach to your fitness business? 

  • Communication
  • Events
  • Personality and Brand

This is much easier than you think, but it does require a little bit of planning, and some help from a modern fitness management platform. We’ve created a complete guide on how to build a modern fitness community, and you can get it for free.

6 Keys to Building a Loyal Fitness Community

Discover more

Stat 2: Gen Z Has Arrived 

When it comes to fitness Gen Z now makes up 40% of the spending population. This generation has already made their mark on the fitness industry, and it pays to be focused on what they’re demanding. 
Essentially, Gen Z are looking for four things in their fitness experience: 

  • Physical and mental healthcare combined.
  • A hybrid (digital & in-person) approach.
  • Businesses that stand for social reform. 
  • Personal attention and smaller classes.

This is the short summary of what this generation is looking for, but you can find the full report by clicking the button below

What Does This Mean For My Fitness Business? 

Again, it comes down to community. Along with providing a more personal approach to your fitness business offering, you also need to place your own beliefs front and center. The Gen Z generation pays attention when you stand for social policies, especially when it comes to mental health awareness and initiatives. Use your social media and messaging platforms to advocate for the changes you believe in, and let your members be a part of this. 

Struggling to keep on top of your communication strategy? 

Stat 3: Get Tech Savvy

Next time you’re at the gym or working out in a group setting, look around you: what will you see? Statistically, a lot of wearables and tech. People have come to expect a certain level of tech accessibility and knowledge from their fitness providers, and you need to be a part of this. 

Virtual classes, wearable tech, and tracking workouts are a massive industry, with billions of dollars to be made by those who are ready to go out and make the most of it. 

What Does This Mean For My Fitness Business? 

You need to provide a modern, accessible fitness solution. Here’s a basic set of questions you need to ask yourself as a fitness business owner: 

  • Can people book online? 
  • Do I have an app?
  • Do I have a website? 
  • Are my communications automated? 
  • Are people rewarded for being loyal members? 
  • Can I track my sales and member activity automatically?

If you can’t tick all of these boxes, then you are behind the curve. Fitness members demand a certain level of tech accessibility and responsiveness in their fitness experiences today, and you have to be ready to cater to that. 

Need help to professionalize your business?

Stat 4: Boutique Business is Booming 

If you have a small fitness business of one to two locations offering a personalized fitness experience, you are set for one of the most lucrative years in history. 

Our stats show that people are looking for smaller, more personalized fitness experiences, and boutique businesses are perfectly positioned for this. 

Community, fitness know-how, and fulfillment are far more available in a more boutique fitness setting, and the industry is really beginning to notice. 

What Does This Mean For My Fitness Business? 

If you’re running a small fitness business, get out there and shout about your offerings from the rooftops. Promote your community, personalized approach, and boutique feel: it’s what people are craving. 

If you’re running a larger business with a higher volume and lower member touchpoints, consider adding classes to your business offering, even if they’re only virtual in the short term. Additionally, creating an automated messaging cadence that encourages community, engagement, and attendance, can be a major winner with just a few small steps to set up. 

In both cases, it pays to have the time to pay attention to your members. If you’re finding that the majority of your time as a business owner is stuck doing accounts, organizing classes, and communicating with staff and your members, it may be time to consider a modern fitness management platform. 

Why ABC Glofox Makes the Difference

Essentially, the ABC Glofox platform can help you in a number of ways. 

On average ABC Glofox users: 

  • Cut their admin time by 20%
  • Boost their revenue by 150% in 18 months
  • Increase their leads by 250%

This is Victoria Thomas, founder of JourneyFit, discussing how ABC Glofox is the fitness business partner she’s been looking for.

Our platform is trusted by some of the biggest fitness providers in the world, including Snap Fitness, Jazzercise, and F45. Our platform is designed to save you time and grow your business by letting you get a 360-degree view of where your revenue is coming from and how your members are behaving. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how ABC Glofox can boost your fitness business, book a call today. 

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