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3 Tips for a Great TRX Class

3 Tips for a Great TRX Class

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a TRX class that keeps your clients coming back for more? You’re in luck! Today we spoke with TRX Master Trainer and owner of Kickstart Fitness, Darren Dillon to bring you top tips for a great TRX class.

 Darren Dillon’s 3 Tips for a Great TRX Class

1. Be Passionate

You may be an extremely intelligent and well educated trainer, but if the passion and energy is not there you’re not going to have the ability to motivate and captivate your clients. Without motivation, clients will not be encouraged to persevere and achieve their goals and we all know what that means – an empty studio, something which is detrimental to a fitness business. Avoid declining attendance rates by ensuring your trainers’ energy and passion for fitness permeates the studio.

2. Take Safety Seriously

Safety should always remain at the heart of any exercise class and the greatest piece of advice Darren offers is to avoid learning the hard way and instead, to purchase authentic equipment from day one. Trustworthy equipment is crucial around the safety and well being of clients. No matter what equipment you require, whether it be weights, suspension trainers or even educational resources, ensure you are dealing with authentic companies, such as TRX; there’s a reason why such brands are leaders in their field.

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3. Be Available

It’s easy to take on so much that you end up with little spare time to really interact with your clients. In reality, the last thing your clients want to see is their trainer running from class to class quicker than you could say “TRX suspension training”. Yes, you want to have as many classes running and as many people coming through the door as possible. However, it is vital that you do not lose sight of the reason why you started this business in the first place: People. Don’t leave your clients feeling neglected, engage, interact and encourage them on their fitness journey. Darren recommends waiting even 2 minutes at the end of each class to answer any questions clients may have. This time is crucial to building lasting relationships. On another positive note, every lasting relationship may lead to a referral!

If you enjoyed the above, you can listen to full conversation with Darren as part of the Glofox Fitness Business Podcast.

Glofox Podcast Episode 2 – Chat with Darren Dillon TRX Master Trainer by Glofox on Mixcloud

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