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Nurture and Grow your Studio with the Glofox Yoga Studio Software Solution



Create and update your class schedule with ease directly from your Dashboard. Your live schedule is hosted on your Website Portal and Member App for all to see.


Class Cards & Packages

Easily create and display all your class options through your Member App and Website Portal, from class passes right up to pay as you go.


Courses and Workshops

You can manage courses and workshops separately from your regular class schedule, making it easy to manage and track revenue from this aspect of your business.


Online & Mobile Payments

Your students can pay for classes or products through your Member App or Website Portal. With recurring payment options, you’re sure to get paid on time.



When your students check in via an in-app barcode, they’re automatically notified as to how many classes they’ve been to and when it’s time to buy more.



Through your Dashboard, analysing key metrics such as class revenue, popular packages and student retention has never been so simple.

tick   Save 2 hours a day in admin time

tick   Increase revenue by 33%

tick   Drive member retention by 25%

The Complete Yoga Studio Software Solution

Your admin Dashboard simplifies your day by automating repetitive tasks, from student management and class scheduling to student billing and financial reporting.

Your branded mobile Member App gives your students a simple way to book and pay for your class packages and memberships.

Your Website Portal integrates your class schedule with your website or Facebook Page so that current and potential students can view and purchase your services online.

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Achieve Real Results for your Yoga Studio with the Admin Dashboard

A simple to use dashboard interface means no hassle, no workarounds, no time wasted

Nurture and grow your studio all under one intuitive system.

With Glofox, you have all the tools you need to achieve real results for your studio under one simple system. You can manage students, engage prospects and analyse your studio’s performance in real time.

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Empower your Students through your Mobile Member App

Your Member App enables your members to manage themselves.


Mobile Booking

Students can book into a class anytime through your Member App or Website Portal. If a class is full, the waiting list feature will ensure it stays that way!


Book a Buddy

Encourage your students to bring a friend to try out your class. They can simply book and pay for their friend through your Member App.


Auto Notifications

Keep your students coming back for more with inspirational in-app notifications! Automated reminders will gently alert your students of their upcoming class or due payment.

“By far one of the best investments for my studio!

Glofox is a wonderful system that has helped me to run my studio in an easy, organised fashion. I was hesitant at the start to change my ways; but a year in, it only gets better. There’s also a great help service which have been available to answer all sorts of questions from me, at all sorts of hours! I'm not the best on computers, so this, in itself was super helpful. Overall, the return of saving both time and energy is priceless.”

“Going with Glofox is the best business decision I've ever made.

I'm always apprehensive of yoga studio management software that promises a lot, but Glofox has truly proved itself in the yoga industry. It’s not only affordable and extremely easy to use, but it’s given me back valuable hours every day to focus on my teaching as our students pre-pay for class packages and book through our Member App or Website Portal.”

Helping Yoga Studio Owners Achieve the Ultimate Peace of Mind

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