Online Booking for Yoga Classes

The Complete Online Booking Solution for Yoga Classes



Create and update your class schedule with ease directly from your Dashboard. Your live schedule is hosted on your Website Portal and Member App for all to see.


Class Cards & Packages

Easily create and display all your class options through your Member App and Website Portal, from class passes right up to pay as you go.


Courses and Workshops

You can manage courses and workshops separately from your regular class schedule, making it easy to manage and track revenue from this aspect of your business.


Online & Mobile Payments

Your students can pay for classes or products through your Member App or Website Portal. With recurring payment options, you’re sure to get paid on time.



When your students check in via an in-app barcode, they’re automatically notified as to how many classes they’ve been to and when it’s time to buy more.



Through your Dashboard, analysing key metrics such as class revenue, popular packages and student retention has never been so simple.

tick   Save 2 hours a day in admin time

tick   Increase revenue by 33%

tick   Drive member retention by 25%

Online Booking & Payments Made Easy

Your branded mobile Member App gives your students a simple way to book and pay for your class packages, memberships and workshops.

Your Website Portal integrates your live class schedule with your website or Facebook page so that students can browse, book and pay for your services online.

Your admin Dashboard simplifies the way you manage every aspect of your studio, from students, bookings and payments right up to financial reporting on class revenue.

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Manage, Engage and Analyse with your Admin Dashboard

All your studio management needs met under one intuitive system

An all encompassing software solution means no hassle, no time wasted.

The Glofox admin Dashboard gives you all the tools you need to manage your studio, engage students and prospects and analyse key aspects of your studio's performance in real time.

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A Seamless Customer Experience for your Students

Your students can book and pay with ease through your Member App or Website Portal.


Online Booking

Glofox integrates seamlessly with your current website so that new customers and members can easily view, book and purchase your services online.


Mobile Booking

Your branded mobile Member App ensures members and prospects can browse, book and pay for your products and services through their smartphone.


Book a Buddy

Encourage your students to bring a friend to experience your yoga practice. They can simply book and pay for their friend in a couple of taps through your Member App.

“Glofox has streamlined our member management.

It has quite literally given me back over 8 hours a week that was being absorbed by admin! This allows me to focus my time on improving other aspects of the business and as a result we have seen a huge improvement in retention rates, new subscriptions and revenue.”

“A brilliant piece of software that is exceptionally easy to use.

As a CrossFit gym owner, I would highly recommend it. We saw a huge increase in member satisfaction, a jump in our revenue and most importantly, it's given me back valuable hours every single day. It did everything it said it would and more!”

Helping Yoga Studio Owners Achieve Peace of Mind

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