A Complete Solution to Manage and Grow Your Fitness Business

Whether you want to increase your memberships, manage your class schedules or engage with your members through personalized messaging, Glofox has developed a powerful suite of tools to make all that easier.

Marketing Tools

Accelerate the growth of your fitness business with a suite of branding, lead generation and lead conversion tools.

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Website Lead Capture

Turn more website visitors into studio visitors by making it easy for them to register and book a class in one go. Glofox Lead Capture enables you to build a workflow that maximizes conversion and show up rates.

Social Media Integration

Generate more leads from social media with booking links that go direct to your class schedule. Target people who visit your website with relevant ads on their social media newsfeeds.

Email and Push Notifications

Send targeted messages directly to potential members based on their engagement and activity. Connect with them on a more personal level to boost conversion and retention.


Sales Tools

Glofox gives you the CRM tools you need to segment, target, and prioritize leads - so you can easily convert them to members.

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Lead Management

Proactively engage new leads as they enter the sales pipeline from your marketing campaigns.

Track, manage and reach-out to potential new members, ensuring that every step in your sales process is followed.


Filter and segment your leads so you can prioritize outreach, message specific groups and create automations to boost conversion.

Member Experience Tools

Ensure that every member interaction reinforces your unique brand identity and your mission.


Uniquely Branded Member App

Enhance your member’s experience with a mobile app they can use to book classes, make purchases, and engage with your studio. Put your brand into their hands.

Website Booking Integration

Deliver a booking experience on your website that perfectly matches the look and feel of your brand.

Now your members can buy membership and make bookings without having to leave your website for another portal.

Check-in Kiosk

Save time checking members into your studio. Use the Check-in Kiosk to let members check themselves in. Now you can spend more time getting to know them and less time ticking boxes.

Management Tools

Easily organize your class schedules, process payments and take action with insights from powerful reporting.

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Global Payment Processing

Take payments from anywhere in the world through credit card, debit card or direct debit. Benefit from global coverage, transparent rates and a unique payment management dashboard right within Glofox.

Scheduling and Membership Management

Quickly set up and manage your schedule through the Glofox dashboard.

Every aspect of your scheduling can be monitored and updated either from laptop, tablet, or via our dedicated admin app – Glofox Pro.


Analyse your studio’s performance in real time with insights that are actionable.

Make the best business decisions every day with retention, revenue, engagement and activity reports and metrics.


Retention Tools

Build a profitable business by keeping your members engaged by building meaningful relationships.

Member Profiles

The Glofox Member Profile shows you a history of interactions, bookings, attendance and purchases for an individual.

Know every detail of your customer when they enter a studio. Reach out to any member at any time via email or push notifications.

Targeted and Automated Messaging

Send targeted messages that trigger at the right moment. Automatically contact members before they expire, keep members up-to-speed on your new classes and offers, and build longer term engagement with your studio.

Don’t just manage your gym, grow it by creating a member experience that retains members.

“Ensuring an effortless experience is a core focus for Uber Shape. Easy bookings, communication, and online store purchases help the business maximize its revenue potential.”
Coby van den Ende
Director and Founder of Uber Shape

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