Fitness Chain and Franchise Management Software

Glofox member management and engagement software gives you the tools to optimize and grow your multi-location fitness business
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We're ready to grow with you.

Our multi-location fitness management software gives you a full picture of what's happening in your business, adding easy processes for lead and member management. Our fully branded customer-facing app and web portals mean the brand you worked so hard to build is represented in the best way, and our software is up-to-date and constantly evolving, which means our tech is ready to grow at your pace.

members participate in class in a franchise gym
members participate in class in a franchise gym

Thousands of studios trust us with their business

Our 99.9% uptime means you can rest easy - Glofox has you and your business covered. When it comes to data, we are Level 1 PCI compliant when processing payment data. Our technical architecture and procedures ensure all data is protected to the highest standard. Also, Glofox has all the features you need to be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

members participate in class in a franchise gym

Software built with growth in mind

Multi-location Memberships

Glofox gives you the flexibility to manage your memberships across all your studio locations, so you can give access for roaming memberships, or restrict access as needed. Trainer management is also available for staff that have duties across studio locations.

Full Chain or Franchise Access

See your business from any view you need to make the best business decisions. See your entire chain or franchise data at once, or zoom into a specific studio, depending on your business need. Account roles can be given to your staff with whatever level of reporting they need to get the job done.


Get insights that will have you making the best business decisions, faster. Whether it is highlighting if a promotion was successful, or which teachers boost clients engagement, you'll have the info you need at your fingertips.

Fully Branded Member App

Your personalized member app has your chain or franchises branding, is downloadable from the app store, and is a sleek way to keep your business top of mind with members. Your app can also toggle between your locations, to accommodate for roaming memberships.

Lead Management

Segment, target and manage prospective members to take the right action, at the right point to turn them from being an interested lead, to an active and engaged member. Glofox also automates messaging so you can set up an acquisition stream that's always working for you in the background.

Easy Integrations

Connect Glofox to the tools you already use, like Classpass, Infusionsoft, Stripe, GoCardless and Mailchimp. All aspects of your business managed in one place. Plus with our Client and Partner API there's scope to build.

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The team at work again
The team at work again
The team at work again