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Fresh Release: Track Tasks in ABC Glofox 

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We’ve added all-new functionality to the ABC Glofox platform that will help you improve staff productivity and increase conversion rates: Tasks. 

With Tasks, you no longer need to track manual actions, such as phone calls, in a spreadsheet or a separate task management tool.  

Now your team can track their to-do lists right in the ABC Glofox platform, helping keep them accountable and ensuring that important tasks like following up with leads don’t slip through the cracks.  

What does Tasks include? 

  • Create and manage your tasks from the new Task Overview page.  
  • Categorize tasks as Emails, Calls, SMS, or To-Dos.  
  • Take notes and set deadlines. 
  • Connect Tasks to a lead or client. 
  • Track completion as you go. 

How do I start tracking Tasks in ABC Glofox? 

If you’re already using ABC Glofox on a Platinum, Boost, or Elite plan learn how to start tracking Tasks in our Knowledge Base.  

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What’s coming next? 

Tasks are a key part of our work to improve Glofox’s CRM capability.  

Manual task management is just the beginning, we’re also working on the ability to automatically create and assign tasks based on key events in the client lifecycle. Additionally, we’re going to further integrate Tasks with the client profile so that you can see Tasks within the interactions log.  

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