Podcast Episode 10: Transitioning from a Trainer to an Owner Mindset

Eamonn Curley
11 April 16
Podcast Episode 10: Transitioning from a Trainer to an Owner Mindset

On Episode 10 of the Fitness Business Podcast, we chat with well known PT Dominic Munnelly about the transition from a trainer mindset to a business owner mindset. Dominic also works with PTs to help them improve their businesses financial performance and overall, their quality of life.

Dominic shares great advice on the mistakes Fit Pros and PTs make in the early stages of their careers, whilst also bringing us key insights into what has made his business a success to date.

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Key Notes from the Show

Dominic’s Website for lots of free content: www.dominic.ie

Food Blog: Olive Oil & Lemon

Gary Vaynerchuck Video: The current state of Fitness Entrepreneurs

Tom Peters: www.tompeters.com

Seth Godin: www.sethgodin.com

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