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Mobile Marketing and why it’s Important

Mobile Marketing and why it's Important

So we’re all in agreement that mobile phones are here to stay? Yes? Ok – so now we’ve got that no brainer out of the way, we thought it might be helpful to share some statistics with you which show why mobile marketing is so important.

The mobile phone

A study released in March 2017 showed that websites with a better mobile experience have 140% more revenue than web sites that do not offer a good experience! For fitness businesses this means you can no longer treat your mobile site as a secondary priority.

The survey also revealed the following statistics when it comes to site traffic:

  • Desktop – 44.21%
  • Mobile – 55.79%

It’s clear from the above that mobile is emerging as the winner in digital media consumption but how can you ensure that you stay on top of this trend?

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1. Your Website

If your website is not customised for mobile devices or difficult to navigate on a mobile device, you might as well be fighting for attention in cyberspace with one hand behind your back. Keep your mobile site really simple and easy to navigate. Highlight the most important items that a casual browser needs to see and keep all of the padding for your main website. Most potential customers wants to know how to purchase your services – not everybody will be interested in your life story and the history of your business.

2. Use Social Media Wisely

Those friendly folks over at Facebook and Twitter et al already have this mobile thing nailed down. That’s why most people find that the experience on social media apps is much better than the desktop versions. Use social media regularly but plan your content with a mobile user in mind. Prepare short snappy articles and bite sized nuggets which people can easily digest on their mobile devices.

3. Mobile App

If you are a business of a certain size with customers who interact with you on a daily or even weekly basis, an app is an essential part of a mobile marketing strategy. This is especially important if there is a specific function that customers can do through your App like booking or purchasing goods or services. Unlike a mobile website, an App allows two way communications and is a very powerful marketing and sales tool. Mobile apps also allow you to targets consumers based on their location and interests which is key in ensuring you get your marketing message to the right people.

4. Push Notifications

Push notifications are probably correctly categorised as a subset of a mobile app marketing strategy but we believe they are important enough to justify their own heading. Used correctly, push notifications are a key mobile marketing tool which allow you to directly message customers via your mobile app. Glofox customers have noticed a significant improvement in engagement and sales as a result of well targeted push notification campaigns.

5. Permission

Permission is key when it comes to mobile marketing. People’s devices are very personal to them (note the uproar over the U2 album giveaway) so the key is not to spam people but to communicate in a way which feels like they are getting a benefit from engaging with you and downloading your App. Think targeted push notifications instead of bulk sms messages.

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