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4 Ways to Drive Revenue with the Glofox Website Integration

4 Ways to Drive Revenue with the Glofox Website Integration

You’ve worked hard to turn your passion into a profitable profession and now, you’re ready to take things to the next level. You’ve built a website that shares your vision, your methods and you have the social proof to back it up, but it’s not working out as the revenue generating machine that you hoped? Marketing and sales may not be your favorite topic, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier hindering your fitness business success. What’s next?

You need to give your website visitors the option to take the action they want to take, when they want to take it. Providing a phone number or email address simply isn’t enough. Your clients expect more. 

We Live in an Era of Self Serve and “i Want It Now”.

When a visitor clicks “Book Now” on your website, they expect an instant booking option, not to be directed to a phone number, email address or “contact us” form. By giving prospects the option to buy exactly in the moment when they’re ready to do so, you’re guaranteed to capture a segment of users who otherwise, would have been lost.

Let’s start by taking a look at the current user experience on your website. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How difficult is it for your new website visitors to find and purchase a trial membership?
  • Could a new website visitor easily find and view your class schedule?

If these processes aren’t seamless, your future clients may become lost leads. 

What Is the Glofox Website Integration?

The Glofox website integration is a uniquely branded “portal” that sits within your current website. It provides members with a seamless experience as they browse your schedule, courses, appointments, memberships, packages or whatever action they wish to take. The possibilities are endless. Your website integration not only allows members to browse, but also to book and pay for your Services directly from your website.


How Can I Use It to Drive Revenue to My Fitness Business?

Your website can become your number one source of quality clients, if you give visitors exactly what they need to act in real time. Not to mention, when you let your members self serve, you have more time to focus on growing your business. 

1. On Your Website

Make your website

Make Website Browsing a Breeze

We all know how frustrating it is when you can’t find what you’re looking for, where you’d expect it to be. If your clients have to bounce from page to page to view your schedule, book a class or purchase a membership, it’s likely that they’ll get lost, angry and give up in the process.

Unlike other website integrations, Glofox gives you the option to create custom links, so you can add booking options and membership purchase options where it makes sense for your website and your business.  

Schedule View & Instant Booking

So a client is scrolling through your calendar and they see a class or appointment they would like to book. Can they book there and then or must they navigate to another page to do so? When you make it easy for your members, they do it. Simple as!

Sell Memberships and Courses

No longer does a client have to call or email to purchase your services. They can do so anytime, anywhere, When you integrate Glofox with your website, you have an exciting opportunity to turn your website into the revenue generating machine you need to succeed.

2. On Your Facebook Page

You’ve worked hard to create a Facebook presence that sets you apart from the crowd and with the Glofox website integration, you can turn this social media channel into one of your top sources of bookings. It’s as easy as sharing a link to the class or course and letting your clients do the rest! All it takes is a couple of clicks.

Check out the example below from Squat Club. Their Facebook post links to a specific “Book Now” option on their website.

Club members          Squat club

Book Now Button

You can make the most of the Facebook call to action option at the top of your business profile. While competitors let members watch a video or view their website, you’ll be driving revenue by ensuring your Facebook page visitors can easily sign up and book a class in one go.

Facebook Posts

We know that you’ve put a lot of effort into building a strong following on your Facebook page. Through the Glofox Website Integration, you can share a link to a specific class to fill available spaces. With competition as intense as it is, it’s no longer enough to just tell people about the great classes you have, you need to allow them to book in the moment, whilst they’re engaging with your business.

Paid Facebook Advertising

Do you have a January special coming up? A new course or workshop? Promoting your services to your local community is a great way to drive revenue, fast. Learn more about getting Facebook Ads up and running with our free guide Top Tips for a Killer Facebook Ad Campaign for your Gym or Studio.

3. on Snapchat


That’s right, you can even drive your clients to book a class or purchase a membership from Snapchat! How do I add a link? It’s really easy:

1. Take your Snap;

2. Click the paperclip icon;

3. Enter your custom URL;

4. Send the snap or add it to your story!

All your Snap followers have to do is “swipe up” and they’ll be directed to book and pay!

4. in Your Email Marketing

Do you have a special workshop coming up that you want to let your clients know about? Or do you want to encourage clients on a trial membership to take the plunge and buy a full membership? You can do the work for them by putting the direct link directly in your Newsletter so it is easier than ever to buy! No fuss, no hassle, just simple purchases in seconds.

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