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How Girls Just Wanna Box Increased Revenue by 200% With Glofox

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Glofox Helps Girls Just Wanna Box Build, Retain, and Empower Their Membership Base

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About Girls Just Wanna Box

With a wealth of fitness experience as both an athlete and a coach, Kristina Ejem has had many roles in boxing over the last 20 years. During her time training to box competitively, Kristina saw first-hand how much of a disadvantage she was at by being a female in boxing with limited opportunities to spar with women and compete. There was a gap in the market that needed to be filled; an opportunity to create a positive boxing experience for women. 

Over the next 10 years, Kristina ran a series of successful corporate boxing events, creating a positive boxing experience for both men and women, showcasing them on 50/50 corporate charity boxing cards. During that time, she launched her 5-level boxing program, Girls Just Wanna Box. 

Kristina went on to coach the provincial team through Nationals in 2017-2018, and Helene joined as team manager in 2018, where their eyes were opened to a lack of female athletes, coaches, and real training gear specifically for women in boxing. From here, the GJWB gloves were born, and the experience further fuelled their passion for mentoring other females in the sport. In 2018 Kristina and her new business partner Helene Jafine embarked on an exciting, focused vision to continue building a space where women who box for real and for fun could benefit from boxing’s mental and physical benefits.

Kristina and Helene are passionate about sharing their love of boxing and empowering women through GJWB classes and products. The GJWB journey began over a decade ago before boxing was a fitness trend and proving no one is an overnight success. The GJWB brand will continue to grow with its expanding line of products, apparel, and uniting women all over the world through the love of boxing and its benefits through their Virtual Boxing Club, online workshops, and community collaborations.

“We didn’t want a 1000 member gym, lacking personalization and authenticity. We wanted to create a community program, and Glofox made that possible for us.

Kristina Ejem from Girls Just Wanna Box

The challenge? Finding intuitive, streamlined software to support a fast-growing business

For both Kristina and Helene, it was important to find software that could cater to the program they were offering without adding hours of admin. Kristina had experienced problems with previous software that was clunky to use. The lacking functionality made performing basic tasks a time-consuming and challenging process:

“From my experience with other software, they were unnecessarily complicated and required time to train yourself on every little element.”

The GJWB program is a 5 Level program that caters to all levels from novice to highly skilled, both in person at the studio in Toronto and now as a Virtual Boxing Club that is accessed all over the world. Pre-lockdown, the business would also host stand-alone events, and a flexible platform that could support all of this was a necessity:

“There are so many moving parts to the business. We’re quite fluid in how we work, and we were on the lookout for management software that would suit our model.”

Kristina and Helene needed a streamlined software solution that could enhance the member experience with personalization, community, and convenience.

How has Glofox helped? Building a dedicated community through exceptional member experience and increasing bookings by 69%

Glofox has helped Girls Just Wanna Box build a loyal community that has grown alongside the business:

“For us, we knew we wanted to move away from the traditional gym set-up to a dedicated program. We didn’t want a 1000 member gym, lacking personalization and authenticity. We wanted to create a community program, and Glofox made that possible for us.”

Kristina’s direct link with her members through the Glofox app means she can ensure that her messages and promotions are always received. Using the app to send personalized messages of studio updates helps build loyalty, and with an engaged membership base, GJWB has seen revenue increase 201% over 5 months:

“We really love how you can do promotions for your members within the app. We did a flash sale for Black Friday on our GJWB packages, and it went down a storm!”

From a member perspective, Glofox also packs a punch with the female boxers attending Girls Just Wanna Box classes:

“We’ve had really great feedback from our members booking classes. It’s just so easy! With minimal effort, you’re booked into a class!”

What’s Next for Girls Just Wanna Box?

A lot has changed for Girls Just Wanna Box in the last year; you can learn how Kristina and Helene brought the studio back stronger after lockdown in this episode of The Fitness Founders Podcast. 2021 is already an exciting time for the GJWB community. Kristina and Helene are continuing to invest in their members both online with their Virtual Boxing Club and, where possible, in person.

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