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How to Make the Most of your Gym Booking App

How to Make the Most of your Gym Booking App

You’ve implemented a gym booking app for your facility, but you’re unsure if you’re using it to it’s full potential? In this article, we discuss some of the great ways Glofox clients use their branded app to engage members and prospective members alike.


1. Evangelize Yor Staff

Your gym booking app displays a profile image and bio for each of you trainers or instructors. Be sure to use this to your advantage! Your members and potential members want to be confident that they’re in the hands of a great trainer. This is your shot to build the trust and rapport they need.

When your trainers have: 1. A profile image in their natural habitat and 2. A unique bio introducing their specialization, your members can put a face to your business. Ultimately, this makes your gym more approachable.

Don’t forget – Joining a gym can be an overwhelming experience. Your app will help to break down this barrier before they even step through the door.

2. Showcase Your Facilities

You’ve worked hard to build a facility that permeates your brand and you know what? A picture speaks a thousand words.

Fortunately, your booking app has a section dedicated to the facilities you have to offer. Whether you’re looking to showcase your state of the art equipment, or an epic studio design that’s one of a kind, this is your space to embrace it.

Just like your trainer profiles, your facility images and descriptions should be unique – avoid using stock images here! This way, members and potential sign ups will know what you have to offer when they’re making that crucial decision to sign up.

3. Add Your Gym Information

It might seem like a no brainer, but have you added all relevant details to the “Information” section of your gym booking app? Members and potential members alike should be able to find everything they need to know about your facility from this section.

Be sure to add:

  • An introduction to your studio – Who you are and what you do!
  • Location
  • Opening times
  • Parking availability

By doing so, you can eliminate the number of calls and emails you get asking the same mundane questions, all saving you time in your busy day.

4. Engage Members with the News Feed

You can share a variety of different content types, all from the News Feed of your gym booking app -From timetable updates and new classes, right up to blog posts, nutrition tips and training videos. 

For example, first time gym goers may find it difficult to stick to their new fitness routine. In this case, you could share blog posts and videos specifically tailored to help newbies beat the temptation. Want to take things to the next level? Enhance the member experience by sharing a client success video, with tips directly from somebody who has been in their shoes.

If you want to keep your members coming back time and time again, you should test various different content types. This way, you can figure out what content pieces resonate best and adapt to please.

Engage members with the news feed

5. Experiment with Push Notifications

push notification is a simple, yet powerful message sent to the home screen of your member’s smartphone or tablet. Once clicked, the message will send the member back to your branded gym booking app.

Push notifications are a great way to increase member engagement. Not all gym goers are fitness fanatics who follow a consistent program. Some members need a little more of a “push”, so to say, to keep their routine in order. This makes push notifications a great way to engage members who are dropping off your radar.

You can craft powerful push notifications from the Dashboard of our gym management software. You can even target these push notifications to specific members based on their activity (or lack there of), their membership type or expiration date. The possibilities are endless!

6. Sell Products Through Your In-app Store

Your in-app store is a great way to boost your gym’s revenue. Not to mention, it gives your members an additional service to benefit from. If you’re not currently selling products to your members, it may be something worth considering. In particular, if your goal is to offer the complete member experience.

Think about it. Your trainers recommend specific products to clients as part of their new fitness regime every day. However, the client must then go to the shop or purchase the product online and wait for it to arrive.

What if your member’s could purchase and continue purchasing this product from you on a regular basis? With their card details set up and ready to go in your branded gym booking app, it’s as simple as “click and collect”! As time goes by, you might opt to give your community a boost by selling branded gym merchandise, such as t-shirts and sweaters. 

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