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10 Fitness Franchises to Invest in According to Franchise Business Review

10 Best Fitness Franchises to Invest in According to Franchise Business Review

Every year Franchise Business Review review releases its top 200 franchise, and we want to take a look at its 2019 list. Specifically, we will look at the top ten fitness franchises worth investing in for this year. Franchise Business Review is a leading research and publication firm in the franchise industry which specializes in franchisee performance and satisfaction. This firm was set up in the year 2005, and since then, it has reviewed over 1000 franchises in many industry sectors.

The primary objectives of the Franchise Business Review are to enhance transparency in the franchise industry and assist franchise brands in achieving their performance objectives. In line with these two objectives, Franchise Business Review has worked with well-known franchise brands such as IHOP, Snap-on Tools, Century 21, Wyndham Hotels, The Maids, and Fast Signs.

In this article, we will look at the popularity if fitness franchises, what studios are up and coming and the top ten fitness franchises worth investing in 2019 according to Franchise Business Review. 

How Popular is Fitness Franchising Right Now?

These days, fitness is now more of a lifestyle than a trend, and the gym business is booming. As an entrepreneur, you should take advantage of this situation and invest in a fitness franchise.

There are many fitness franchises, and you will have to select one to invest in per your preferences. As illustrated by Franchise Direct, fitness franchises account for at least $4 billion United States annual revenue.

According to IBISWorld, the fitness industry will consistently grow at a rate of 1.5% until the year 2022; and fitness franchise brands will expand at twice this rate. Also, there are over 1800 fitness franchises in the United States.

For you to invest in a fitness franchise in the United States, you will need to have at least $50,000. Investing in a reputable fitness brand can be a sure way of success if you put the work in and follow their guidelines 

What are the Upcoming Boutique Fitness Franchises to Look Out For?

As an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t just invest in well-established fitness franchises. You should also look out for upcoming boutique fitness franchises so that you can get high returns from your investment. Boutique fitness studios are disrupting the industry and changing the way people participate in fitness. 

Here are some examples of upcoming boutique fitness franchises


F45 Training is a unique group workout studio that focuses on 45-minute high-intensity training classes. It was started in Australia in 2012 and is now one of the fastest growing HIIT franchises in the world.

The training is a combination of circuit and HIIT style workouts, providing clients with a premium fitness experience. F45 designs its workouts this way to keep their members motivated throughout. Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg has recently become a minority stakeholder and is estimated to have invested $450 million through his investment group.  

The franchise offers ups a low set-up cost with high margins and a very engaged community. With a dedicated community, the membership model allows for maximum returns even with low membership numbers.

Blitz 45

Blitz 45 boasts of fun and exciting group workouts. Its equipment is entirely female-friendly, and women make up 60% of its total membership.

When you become a Blitz 45 franchisee, you receive training support on how to grow your client base, enroll new members, and advertise your facility. Furthermore, it entitles you to the exclusive use of all Blitz 45’s equipment and training systems.

Fit 36

The FIT 36 fitness model boasts of high intensity, engaging, and result-oriented 36-minute workout sessions. They base their workouts on the scientific concept of metabolic resistance training, which is deemed to be an excellent strategy to lose weight, build muscle, and improve general physical fitness.

For you to invest in the Fit 36 fitness brand, you will have to pay upfront between $173,900 – $266,650. Its franchise agreement is for ten years, which entitles you to at least 6% of your gross sales annually.

Tips for Investing in a Fitness Franchise

The total cost of purchasing a gym franchise varies depending on the brand. However, in almost all fitness franchise brands; you will have to incur starting costs such as one-time franchise fees, equipment, security deposit, liquid assets, and legal fees. If you don’t have enough money, you can opt for a loan, but you will first need to provide your bank with a business plan.

Before you select a particular fitness franchise brand to invest in, you should conduct a thorough background check on the company. Don’t buy a fitness franchise which has a bad reputation among its former employees and consumers.

Also, you should decide on the location of the franchise, and the demographics of the place where you would like to set up your gym. Moreover, you will need to learn how to market your gym and grow its membership so that your fitness business can succeed.

Franchise Business Reviews Top 10 Fitness Franchises

According to Franchise Business Review here are the top 10 best fitness franchises which you should invest in right now;

Orange Theory Fitness

Currently, Orange Theory Fitness is one of the best boutique gyms in the United States. Orange Theory Fitness offers high intensity, one-hour workout sessions to its gym members. This company started franchising in 2010, and it has a total of 1100 franchise locations up to now.  The initial investment is $563,529

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Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness distinguishes itself with edgy and innovative offerings like Hip-Hop Aerobics, Cyked Yoga Cycling, and Action Wrestling. The primary approach of this gym is to fuse entertainment with fitness so that its members can commit to leading a healthy lifestyle while having fun at the same time.

Doug Levine, a former stockbroker, founded Crunch Fitness in 1989 and currently has 265 franchised clubs in the US, Canada, and Australia.

30 Minute Hit

The main target of 30 Minute Hit is women who would like to shed off some weight and get their desired body shapes. The 30 Minute Hit Franchise brand boasts of simple, low maintenance, and cost-effective gyms which have a potential of giving you huge returns.

When you invest in this franchise brand, you will have the rights to the exclusive use of the 30 Minute Hit business model; including its equipment, training, and operation manuals. Its initial franchise fee is $40,000, and experts estimate that the total initial investment is around $80,000.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has the lowest gym membership fees in the United States The gym has a ‘Judgment-Free Zone’ where its members exert themselves without criticism when the ‘lunk alarm’ rings. 

Also, its members get exclusive offers such as Pizzas on Mondays and Bagels on Tuesdays. Planet Fitness was first set up in 1992, and it started franchising in 2003. Currently, Planet Fitness boasts of 1608 locations. Among these locations, 68 of them are company-owned, and 34 of them are located outside the US. Planet Fitness has been described by the Entrepreneur as the ‘most successful fitness franchise’ in the world.

Burn Boot Camp

Burn Boot Camp emerged in 2012, and it started franchising in 2014. You will have to pay an initial investment fee of around $142,330 – $349,950 before legally owning a Burn Boot Camp franchise.

The primary mission of Burn Boot Camp is to ignite global health transformation by seeking to build emotionally, physically, and mentally strong women. Entrepreneur Magazine named Burn Boot Camp as the ‘fastest growing franchise’ in 2018. Currently, Burn Boot Camp boasts of 204+ locations which service over 65,000 clients.

Baby Boot Camp

Baby Boot Camp is a boutique gym for new moms. Its primary founder is Kristen Horler, who after having her first kid; was not able to find a good workout plan that did not require her to hire a babysitter and a personal trainer.

Some of the training sessions which Baby Boot Camp offers include Stroller Fitness, Restore the Core, and Birth Recovery. The studio gears its training sessions towards making new moms fit and helping them shed off excess weight due to childbirth.

Baby Boot Camp launched in 2001, and it started franchising in 2005. Currently, Baby Boot Camp has 85 locations in the United States, and only one of them is company owned.

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers

Fyzical Therapy offers balance retraining, physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, fall prevention, individualized wellness programs, and fitness programs. Jim Abrams founded the company in 2012, and it started franchising

Jim Abrams founded the company in 210, and it began franchising in 2013.

For you to invest in a Fyzical Therapy Franchise, you will have to pay between $138,750 – $399,000. Up to date, Fyzical Therapy has over 335 locations and about 18 strategic partnerships. Furthermore, this franchise brand was listed by Entrepreneur Magazine as the ‘3rd Top New Franchise.’

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym started in the 1960s and is one of the oldest fitness brands in the United States. The gym is a well-equipped fitness center which has cardio equipment, locker rooms, resistance training equipment, a children’s club. Its retail section stocks clothing, nutritional products, accessories, supplements, bars, and drinks.

Also, Gold Gym offers both group and personal fitness training sessions. It has several fitness tools such as a workout builder, a muscle mouseover, and a BMI calculator. Gold Gym Fitness started franchising in 1980, but its number of locations have gradually declined to be now 703 only.

The Camp Transformation Center

Alejandra Font and Sam Bakhtiar founded the Camp Transformation Center.  Its main goal is to help people lose weight rapidly within a record time of 6 weeks. This gym helps its members lose weight by making them indulge in high-intensity workout sessions coupled with dieting and positive emotional support.

The Camp was founded over five years ago, and it has snowballed to into 100+ locations due to its unique gym concept. The total investment amount estimate to set up a new camp franchise is estimated to be between $167,000 – $326,500.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness sets itself apart from other gyms with over 1100 workout plans, 24-hour keycard access, and small membership fees. Instead of live fitness classes, Anytime Fitness offers virtual, on-demand, and customized classes that are held in unique rooms which have fully fitted large screens.

Anytime Fitness was founded in 2001, and it started franchising in 2002. Currently, this company has a total of 4,081 franchise locations; and 38 of them are company-owned while 1,645 of them are situated outside the United States.

In Summary

If you invest in any one of these best fitness franchises, you will be guaranteed of high returns. However, for you to succeed in the fitness franchise market; you must exercise due diligence during investing as well as manage your gym effectively.

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