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  • 5NEW-the-impact-of-covid-Recovered-1

    The Impact of COVID-19 on the Fitness Industry – A Glofox Report

    We collected data from over 2000 gyms and fitness studios around the globe to gain valuable insights into how the fitness industry has been transformed due to COVID-19.

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  • Glofox-The-Facebook-Ads-Playbook-for-Fitness-Business-Owners_Page_01-1-1

    The Facebook Ads Playbook for Fitness Business Owners

    Facebook Ads are one of the most powerful and popular
    platforms for finding new members for your fitness
    studio. Do you know how to reach them?

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  • opening-a-gym-master-guide-1

    The 6 Crucial Steps to Opening a Gym or Studio

    Starting a fitness business is one of the most
    challenging and rewarding ventures that a person can

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  • Glofox-The-Top-10-Barriers-Slowing-your-Fitness-Business-Growth_Page_01-1-1

    The Top 10 Barriers Slowing Your Fitness Business Growth

    In this e-book, we will list the most common barriers that
    slow fitness business growth and list some of the tips to
    help overcome them.

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  • The-Fitness-Studio-Founders-Cheat-Sheet_Page_1-copy-1

    The Fitness Studio Founders Cheat Sheet

    Kickstart your fitness studio with these top tips will take
    you on the road to success.

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  • Glofox-Social-Media-Cheat-Sheet-for-Fitness-Entrepeneurs_Page_1-1

    Social Media Cheat Sheet for Fitness Entrepreneurs

    Social media's enormous reach, high activity times and
    highly visual nature make it perfectly suited to the fitness

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  • Glofox-The-Fitness-Studio-Expansion-Cheatsheet-_Page_1-1

    The Fitness Studio Expansion Cheat Sheet

    When you have had a sustained period of success, and
    there is sufficient demand for what you are offering, you
    will always be looking towards what is next.

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  • Glofox-The-Customer-Engagement-Playbook-for-Your-Fitness-Business_Page_01-1-1

    The Customer Engagement Playbook for Your Fitness Business

    Customer engagement is the way in which a brand
    connects with its customers on a deeper level than a
    simple business and consumer relationship.

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  • Glofox-The-4-Key-Metrics-Every-Fitness-Founder-Should-Track_Page_01-1-1

    The 4 Key Metrics Every Fitness Foundres Should Track

    As a fitness entrepreneur do you really know where you
    are where you are going with your fitness business?

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  • Glofox-Boutique-Fitness-Founders-eBook_Page_01-1-768x1086-3

    Boutique Fitness Founders

    The global boutique fitness market is exciting and rapidly
    expanding. With a growing rate of 20% per year, it is 3x
    faster than the rest of the fitness industry.

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