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How The Squad Increased Their Bookings by 60% Through Lockdown With Glofox

The Squad Builds a Brand, Expands Their Offerings, and Increases Long Term Customer Value With Glofox
  • Location
    Cork, Ireland
  • Services offered
    Group fitness classes and personal training
  • Most-valued Glofox features
    The Glofox app, push notifications, and member filters
5 min read
29 Oct 2020

About The Squad

The Squad is a gym and fitness center in Cork, Ireland, that offers personal training and group fitness classes. Kate Parfrey and Josie McCarthy met in 2015 when they were pursuing their passion for fitness on a personal training course and quickly became friends. They went on to work in a commercial gym together, but after 9 months, they realized they wanted more; a business and community to call their own. 

Within two days of leaving the commercial gym to go it alone, they had found the new premises that would become The Squad’s first location. They were up and running within 6 weeks, and around 85% of their previous clientele followed them. 

With almost 8,000 followers on Instagram, The Squad has an engaged membership base and a loyal following on social media. Kate and Josie have built more than a fitness business: they’ve built a brand, which paved the way for a seamless transition into online fitness. The Squad has survived and thrived in recent months, both on and offline. 

“The Squad was purposely created to be a team environment, to build a community. And that has escalated so much more the bigger we've grown.”

Kate Parfrey and Josie McCarthy
The Squad

The Challenge? Finding the right software to support a growing brand and community

Kate and Josie had a clear vision for The Squad: they wanted to create a fitness environment that was as much about making friends, meeting like-minded people, and socializing as it was about taking part in great workouts together. This goes beyond their physical gym; the brand has built a phenomenal presence online, so whether in person or virtually, Kate and Josie have created a space where everyone is welcome to train, sweat, and work hard:

“The Squad was purposely created to be a team environment, to build a community. And that has escalated so much more the bigger we’ve grown.”

The brand grew quickly, and after their first 16 months running, Kate and Josie knew they needed to find a software that could support the needs of a fast-growing business:

“We moved to a new location because we needed more space, and that’s when we got Glofox. We just couldn’t keep up with all of the people; we were using Instagram and emails to book people in. The admin would kill us.”

How Has Glofox Helped? Empowering The Squad with features to engage members and grow the brand

Glofox has been essential for Kate and Josie in building and managing their loyal community, both on and offline. They find the app particularly useful for connecting with members and rely heavily on push notifications to keep everyone engaged and on track:

“The app is massively user friendly, and the majority of people think it’s user friendly, which is great. We constantly use push notifications as a reminder for people to book into their class.”

When The Squad closed their doors at the beginning of lockdown, Kate and Josie sent out daily communications to support and engage their members. Ten days after the studio had shut its doors, The Squad was successfully up and running online. They were thriving from the get-go because of the loyal community that Kate and Josie work so hard to maintain:

“Our Saturday classes were averaging 60 plus people every week from all over the country. There were some on a couple of calls from places like America or in Abu Dhabi, or people in London who knew us from following us on Instagram. It was insane.”

With their member-centric approach to running The Squad, Kate and Josie stay on top of their members to keep them engaged and booking in:

“We can see with the member filters when somebody’s attendance is slipping, and we notice if we haven’t actually seen somebody in a couple of weeks. So we’ll send them a class credit and a push notification. Some people just need that extra push.”

Glofox also gives Kate and Josie the insights they need to create packages and special offers that sell well:

“It’s very easy for us to see what’s making money and what’s not through the app. If we notice there’s a dip in certain times, or certain classes, it’s very easy for us to then come up with a package that we know will work from there and get it straight up on the app.”

The app has become one of The Squad’s best-valued Glofox features; Katie and Josie find it easy to use and adaptable to the fast-changing needs of a business that is constantly innovating with its customers in mind:

“That’s one of the things we like most; it’s so fast. It’s also integrated into our website now; we’ve only had that for a few weeks. We’ve had a massive turnover of sales since we launched it.”

What’s Next for The Squad? Taking the brand’s online presence to the next level

As a result of the huge success with their online transition, many different avenues have opened up for The Squad since lockdown. Kate and Josie have big plans to grow The Squad brand alongside maintaining both their online and onsite offering:

“The gym is obviously still going to be running as a gym, but we’re going to push the brand more and more. We’re working really hard at the moment with the website, which will be subscription-based by Christmas. People will be able to sign up for content and programs as well. The Website will help push online, which will naturally help push the app. So I think for us, it will be the next way forward for us getting more of an online presence.”

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