How The Badass Rules Boosted Member Attendance with Glofox Online Classes

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    Scotland, UK
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    A female focused, fat loss and fitness community
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About The Badass Rules

Julie is the creator and Head Coach of The Badass Rules. She wanted to cultivate a community of women where her members were not only given the tools they needed in terms of fitness and nutrition to make their body healthy and strong, but also the support and guidance to make their mindset as equally happy and strong as the Badass bodies they were in! Having worked as a personal trainer for 10 years she has learned how to create a safe, fun and supportive space where women can come together to feel fit, happy and part of something more.

“Our attendance numbers are up because people are looking to add structure to their day so by making sure to book into classes through the Glofox app they are holding themselves accountable.”

Julie Duncan from The Badass Rules

The challenge?

Julie was very much aware of the challenges of being a small, local business with the onset of COVID-19. When the time came to consider how the studio would continue to provide to this community Julie knew that she would have to venture online. The original Badass Rules model was very much set up to cater to studio workouts so Julie knew that she needed a system through which she could operate these online classes as efficiently as possible.

How has Julie overcome this?

Re-opening as an online studio has been a great success for The Badass Rules studio with their members fully engaged and participating in the online classes.

“We run a female only gym and our community is amazing at bringing others up and empowering those in the group and it hasn’t stopped now that we’ve moved online. People are making the effort to stay connected now more than ever!”

The transition to online classes had it’s potential hurdles, with member retention top of mind for many gym owners, however this hasn’t been an issue for Julie. The Badass Rules team made sure to recreate the same elements which had originally set her studio apart from others; community, female empowerment and the opportunity to socialize.

“Our physical studio has a workout area and a socializing area and that’s been a big element of our online classes. Providing that social aspect to our members, along with the workout.”

Not only have The Badass Rules members continued to attend their regular classes, they are attending even more classes with class attendance higher than ever, testament to the community that Julie and her team has built.

“Our attendance numbers are up because people are looking to add structure to their day so by making sure to book into classes through the Glofox app they are holding themselves accountable. We are fulfilling that need we all have now of getting up and moving during the day and these virtual classes will all stay on when we reopen our studio!”

What’s Next for The Badass Rules?

Having put a lot of time and effort into developing the studio’s online offering, Julie plans to further build out her studio offering and strive for a hybrid model once the time comes for the physical studio to reopen!

“The online classes are definitely going to stay once everything goes back to normal. A lot more people are getting access to the training and providing these online classes has broken down barriers in a number of ways.”

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