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Power Yoga Romania Ensure Their Members Are Highly Engaged with the Help of Glofox

Key benefit
Building and growing a committed and dedicated member base
  • Location
    Bucharest, Romania
  • Services offered
    Baptiste style yoga classes and workshops
  • Most-valued Glofox features
    The Member App and Payment Capabilities
4 min read
28 Jan 2020

About Power Yoga Romania

Prior to venturing into the world of yoga, Adrian had always been passionate about sport and the outlet it was for him. Having relocated with his family to Toronto where he continued to climb the corporate ladder, Adrian encountered a difficult period in his life, when constant change became overwhelming. It was at this time that Adrian looked to yoga to calm his body and mind. Following a life-changing visit to an orphanage in Africa, Adrian and his partner, and co-owner of Power Yoga Romania, Adriana, decided to commit steadfastly to teaching yoga as a career.

Having opened Power Yoga Romania in November 2016, they’ve just celebrated three years of existence. Their community-based classes aim to get people together and working on themselves with the support of those around them. For Adrian and Adriana, growth is the most important thing there is and they place a focus on generating a physical, mental and spiritual experience for their members which ensures they leave feeling renewed and regenerated.

“The member app helps us to keep the community engaged. We encourage them to book and sign in through the app and it has worked very well to keep our members attending classes and accountable.”

Adrian and Adriana Gheorghiu
Power Yoga Romania

The challenge? Finding software that met the needs of the business

From the beginning of their journey, Adrian and Adriana were adamant that they needed yoga management software which was simple and intuitive to use. It was important to find software that could manage their scheduling, memberships, and clients but could also manage members’ payments.

“Once we realized that our previous provider wasn’t ticking all of the boxes we started asking for recommendations and were directed to Glofox!”

Adrian also noticed that although they had invested a lot of time and effort into their website, people were clicking but not making any actions. The Power Yoga Romania website acted as a shop window but Adrian felt that it should have clear calls to action to take prospects further down the sales funnel.

“From a business standpoint, we wanted to capture the “Aha!” moment of our prospects but this wasn’t possible with our previous provider. They’d be directed away from our carefully curated website in order to make a purchase which just wasn’t proving to be successful.”

How has Glofox helped?Creating an engaged community

Glofox has helped Adrian and Adriana to create the engaged community of members they set out to create three years ago.

“The member app helps us to keep the community engaged. We encourage them to book and sign in through the app and it has worked very well to keep our members attending classes and accountable.”

Not only has the app been key in keeping their members engaged, but Adrian and Adriana have also benefitted with regard to time-efficiency.

“Because we promote the app and encourage members to book and buy through it we have managed to really save time on admin. We can then reinvest this time back into our classes and our members and improving our offering which is something that is really important to us.”

What’s next for Power Yoga Romania?

Having just celebrated their third year in operation, and with a loyal and committed member base, Adrian and Adriana have placed their focus on growth. They aim to invest in their community by bringing their current students on a growth path and reaching out and engaging with new members. In addition to this, with the success of their first studio and with the Power Yoga Romania community growing, Adrian and Adriana are hoping to open a second location in Bucharest in the coming year to share their passion for yoga with an even wider community!

“I’ve had to start looking for a new space as I’ve already outgrown then space I’m currently in, having only joined Glofox at the start of the year.”

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