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How Panthéon uses Glofox to Grow the Business While Retaining the Studios DNA

Key Benefit
Simple and intuitive software that can be easily customized to fit the look and feel of the brand
  • Location
    Buckhead, Atlanta
  • Services offered
    Boxing, yoga and group classes
  • Most-valued Glofox features
    Member experience tools
4 min read
19 Feb 2020

About Panthéon

After a few years working in finance for startup companies, Ben came to discover his love for boxing. Initially using it as an outlet to relieve himself of the stress and anxiety of his high-pressure job, it quickly became more than a hobby. Upon moving to Boston, the first thing on Ben’s list was to look for a boxing club. Once again the community aspect of these clubs had a serious impact on Ben and he decided to set up his very own studio which would reflect the things he loved about the sport – the psychological and physical dexterity required, an intense workout but most of all, the community aspect. So, in 2019, Panthéon was born!

“When I opened on Day 1 I knew that at the very least that I didn’t have to worry about my studio management software”.

Benjamin Duval

The challenge? Finding software that could cater to our studios unique class setup

Although Panthéon is Ben’s first studio to open, he knew exactly what type of space he wanted to create:

“Bringing a community together was what really motivated me for this project. I didn’t want to have one of those big, soulless commercial gyms with 2000 members where they just come in, swipe their cards and leave after an impersonal experience.”

Ben wanted to be sure that the gym management software he chose would enable him to provide this personalized experience to his members. The tools and software needed to be member-centric and ensure that each stage of his members journey would be an enjoyable one – from first booking right to membership renewal.

“For me, it is important to know your community, your members. Everyone now can go to a gym and work up a good sweat. Get on a treadmill and run for 45 minutes and you’ll burn calories. We’re here to help you get fit but it is one of the side effects of the overall experience.”

How has Glofox helped?Setting Panthéon up for Success

The Glofox Onboarding Team is aware that each fitness business owner has a very different view of what success looks like and what value looks like, depending on their vision. With that in mind, the team ensures that they have a complete understanding of each business to ensure that each feature that we train our customers on is crucial to reach the goal.

“My onboarding experience was very personable and tailored to me and the needs of Panthéon. It was fast and personalized with speedy feedback. When I opened on Day 1 I knew that at the very least that I didn’t have to worry about my studio management software”.

With member experience top of mind for Ben, the team ensured that all of the member experience tools were explained and demonstrated in detail so that Ben would be equipped with what he needed to deliver this experience.

“Within a matter of hours, I was confident in using the Glofox platform. I never thought an app would be so fast and so easy to use – just to be able to go into app settings on the dashboard and you can easily tweak your app – it is intuitive and user-friendly!”

With Panthéon in its early stage of business, driving growth and attracting new members has been an area of focus for Ben. Along with social media, Ben uses the lead capture form to bring new clients to the studio.

“The lead capture form is invaluable to any business looking to acquire new leads. The free trial is the first thing anyone sees on our website. We track where those guys come from and then see how we can tailor the follow-up. It’s proven to be really successful – the members we have, they stay and they workout consistently. We don’t have a high turnover. Once a customer understands what we’re about they stay.”

What’s Next for Panthéon?

Having put in a lot of groundwork to create and establish the Panteon brand over the past seven months, 2020 will be the year when Ben and his team will set themselves apart from their competitors.

“We will try to differentiate ourselves even more by pushing the boxing concept further. We’ll have a ring with different levels for the classes so you can get the whole experience from the complete beginner to the people who want to spar and start fighting.”

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