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How Katana Parkour uses Glofox to Streamline their Class Bookings and Schedules

20% Increase in Revenue in 12 months
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17 Feb 2020

About Katana Parkour

Peter identified a gap in the health and fitness space when the recreational facility he had been working for was closed down to make space for apartments. Rather than becoming disheartened, Peter saw it as an opportunity to start his business and invest time and effort into making a shared space where people could come together.

Peter has been on this journey for just over a year and a half, having opened in August 2018, and loves that he can bring people together to explore the boundaries of human performance and overcome physical and mental obstacles with confidence and grace. At Katana Parkour, Peter, his team, and his members are united by their mission to share the joy that comes from this style of movement exploration.

“Glofox has been incredibly simple for me to set up memberships, create classes and take payments. I’ve been able to really invest more time in hiring the right people and structuring my courses.”

Peter Barlow
Katana Parkour

The challenge? Finding software that could cater to our studios unique class setup

Katana Parkour is an inclusive space that caters to individuals of all skill levels from complete novices right up to expert level.

“We’ve got hour-long classes that we separate into different age groups and also different skill-levels within those age-groups. We also offer parkour facilities and general acrobatics. And movement-style training. We’ve got a lot going on!”

For Peter, scheduling and the administrative side of the business is not something he wanted to dedicate much time to:

“What I enjoy is creating a community and a space where people want to come together and develop and refine their movement skills. I wanted to spend my time investing in the people who come here. I didn’t want to have my time taken up with admin duties.”

How has Glofox helped?Streamlining the Scheduling and Booking System

With Katana as Peter’s first fitness business, it was important for him to be confident that the software system he was using was intuitive so that he could focus on building the brand:

“Glofox has been incredibly simple for me to set up memberships, create classes and take payments. I’ve been able to really invest more time in hiring the right people and structuring my courses.”

Along with a simplified booking and management system for the day-to-day running of the space, Glofox also provides Peter with insightful reports which he uses to inform his business strategy:

“I constantly refer back to the report section and revenue updates. They’re simple and useful and help me to make quick business decisions such as the best time to run a promotion or to anticipate when I might need to hire new staff or add a new class.”

Member experience is important for Peter and along with creating an inclusive and welcoming environment, he likes to make sure that both his members and staff feel valued.

“We make sure to send personalized communications to our loyal members who are enrolled in courses and give them the chance to enroll for upcoming courses before making them publicly available. This works really well at Katana and our members appreciate the attention and continue to keep coming back. So much so that some of our guests actually end up being coaches!”

What’s Next for Katana Parkour?

Having successfully launched Katana Parkour and experienced strong organic growth over the past 18 months, Peter has big plans in mind for the coming year!

“We’ve been growing organically up until now, and have done very well through word of mouth! Over the next couple of months, I’d love to invest more effort in our marketing strategies with the goal of opening additional spaces in the next year or two.”

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