Glofox Provides IMstrong with the Tools and Software their Business Needs to Grow at Scale

Key benefit

Intuitive Software That Ensures Ease of Use for Members and Staff

  • Location
    Bristol, UK
  • Services offered
    Small group training, personal training, 60-90 day fat loss programs, Olympic wightlifting and Taekwondo
  • Most-valued Glofox features:
    Glofox Member App and the Glofox Pro App

About IMstrong

From a young age, Ibb Mohammed was passionate about Martial Arts. His passion quickly became his work and in 2006 Ibb moved to Bangladesh, his family’s home country, to join the Olympic team. Ibb began his bid to make it to the Beijing Olympics however, unfortunately, in 2007 the country went under military control and all funding was ceased. Ibb made the decision to return to the UK and pursue a career in IT. Having trained the University team for a number of years an opportunity was presented to Ibb. The University lost the space to make way for University accommodation and Ibb made an agreement that if he found a suitable space, they would hire the martial arts instructors to train there. Ibb found a suitable space, a 6000sqft warehouse in the city centre, and within a couple of months, it became clear that he should pursue a career in fitness. After 3 years, Ibb continued to grow the business and IMstrong gym, formally known as MyGym, was born.

Ibb has been on his journey now since 2012 but made the move to Glofox in December 2017 when his previous providers were no longer meeting the requirements of his business. The success has come from providing members with a community aspect to their training and effectively engaging members and helping to deliver results and in turn boost member satisfaction and retention.

“Our business is still in an adapting phase, so to have something that is so agile and continue to cater to our needs as we evolve is just so important.”

Ibb Mohammed from IMstrong

The challenge? Finding Software that met the needs of the business

For Ibb, when it comes to bookings, user experience is of the utmost importance:

“The booking process is crucial to us. It is a members first experience with the business and it is important that it leaves a good impression. It is essential that first-timers have a positive experience from the outset so that we have a better chance of converting them to members.”

However, for Ibb, finding software which would provide a first-class booking experience, and cater to his booking and membership model, proved itself to be a challenge. Before finding Glofox, Ibb was using his own makeshift solution; his previous software provider coupled with a stripe account and google calendar, but he found himself struggling to keep on top of payments and bookings, on top of running classes and managing his staff:

“It became too demanding and time-consuming. I really struggled to find a system that could tick all the boxes.”

Ibb’s struggle brought him to an alternative software provider but upon joining he found it was not the right fit. The system was dated-looking, clunky to use and required hours upon hours of study to understand.

“I didn’t have time to do another degree and online course to learn how to use their system.”

Finally, in December 2017, Ibb and the IMstrong team were directed towards Glofox.

How Has Glofox Helped?Delivering an excellent member experience

Glofox has been key in helping Ibb to deliver an experience that delights his members and has helped IMstrong to become more profitable than it has ever been before, despite downsizing:

“Despite decreasing the size of our space by over 50% we’re now bringing in more revenue than we’ve ever brought in before. With the challenge-based model that we have now, client satisfaction is based on the results they achieve but also on the quality of their overall experience. With Glofox I can ensure that our members are satisfied!”

For Ibb, the Glofox Pro app has been a real asset. IMstrong gym has multiple classes, memberships, and challenges all running at once and it proved to be a challenge for the trainers to manage. Trainers can now keep on top of their admin and check-in clients, record their progress, amend schedules and track leads. It has also helped Ibb and his team to guarantee engagement with his members, in turn making sure that IMstrong members are long-term members:

“Accountability is important to us so each week we will check attendance and reach out to people that have missed classes. We log interactions with our clients and make notes of things that they may have struggled with and in doing so we make sure that all trainers are on the same page. It’s been invaluable.”

Offering pre-made snacks and shakes at IMstrong was something that Ibb had considered but had felt that the space was too limited to make room for a store and that venturing into e-commerce would be too much work. The Glofox member app, however, provided an opportunity for Ibb to create additional revenue through advertising items that members could purchase online and collect before or after their workout. The online store also meant that no money would be exchanged between trainer and client and all revenue is recorded and trackable on Glofox revenue reports.

“I started stocking our own protein shakes for the challengers. They purchase them through the app when they’re booked in for a session. It takes out the exchange of money between client and trainer, keeping it professional which is how it should be.”

From a member experience perspective, Glofox also has ensured that each step of the conversion process, from trial to member, is simple.

“The sign-up process could not be easier and it is also great to be able to point people in the direction of our website. The Glofox booking integration on our site makes it a smooth process to sign someone up and get them booked into a class immediately.”

What’s Next for IMstrong?

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