Five Star Fitness Use Glofox to Help Manage the Many Roles That Come With Being Both Studio Owner and Trainer

Key benefit

Membership Tracking and Easy Follow-up to Help With Retention

  • Location
    Tipperary, Ireland
  • Services offered
    Small group personal training
  • Most-valued Glofox features:
    Client tracking and lead management tools

About Five Star Fitness

Aaron O’Donnell’s start in the fitness industry was a very personal one. He made the decision to get himself healthy – losing about 40 pounds of excess weight in the process – which led him to start a Personal Training course. After he finished his course, he decided to open Five Star Fitness, a small group personal training studio based in southeast Ireland.

Opened in 2015 with 130 current members ranging in age from 30-50, Five Star Fitness was in the great position of offering something really new in their area – small group training for a personal yet community-based way to get fit.

“Having Glofox is like hiring an extra person for your team, taking the bookings and doing the admin.”

Aaron O’Donnell from Five Star Fitness

His challenge? Information Overload

When Aaron first got started, he was doing everything manually, and it wasn’t scalable:

“What I was doing before I got Glofox was pure heartache. I was texting people asking if they wanted to book in, doing everything on pen and paper. There was no flexibility at all – a nightmare really.”

Dealing with spreadsheets and multiple calendars to find the information that Aaron required became time-consuming, monotonous and impractical as the number of clients in his studio grew. It was then that Aaron decided that he needed gym management software which would help him to manage the business at scale.

How has Glofox helped? Streamlined everything!

Signing up with Glofox made booking clients into classes a much more streamlined process for Aaron, who now takes all bookings and payments through the Five Star Fitness app provided by Glofox. Even though his target demographic is slightly older and more resistant to technology, getting over that hurdle wasn’t too hard:

“I’m from a small town so nobody was really doing anything like this – booking in through the app. It was alien. It took a little while to get people to use it – but we phased it in and helped people get set up and go through the phone process with them on day one – and once people get used to it there’s no issue at all. It’s great.”

New joiners to Five Star Fitness often comment on how easy it is to book into classes, and love the flexibility of being able to do it on their own time through the app. Aaron also loves the professional edge that having a personalized app gives his studio.

The reporting in Glofox has also let Aaron keep track of his business in a more streamlined way:

“I track my membership numbers and the type of memberships I have. I also use it to track retention and see which members I’m keeping. I have a trial of my gym, so if people aren’t signing up to a proper membership from the trial I would have a look at what I’m doing in the first 30 days of the trial.

You can keep an eye on people – if you see someone isn’t attending classes, then you can send them a message and check in. It’s really helpful in keeping retention numbers up and keeping longer member commitments.”

In short, Glofox has made Aaron’s life while running Five Star Fitness much easier:

Having Glofox is like hiring an extra person for your team, taking the bookings and doing the admin.”

What’s next for Five Star Fitness?

Aaron plans to expand Five Star Fitness, with an immediate member target of growing to 150, and then potentially opening an additional studio down the road. He’s excited for how Glofox can help him along the way:

“With the app, it doesn’t matter if you have 50 or 500 members, it works the same for everyone so it’s ideal. No matter how big you grow it will always work the same.”

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