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How Exsurgo Strong and Fit Increased Revenues by 72% With Glofox

Exsurgo Builds and Retains a Strong Membership Base With a Seamless Member Experience Through Glofox
  • Location
    Sterling, Virginia
  • Services offered
    Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training
  • Most-valued Glofox features
    Membership Pause and the Glofox App
6 min read
23 Mar 2021

About Exsurgo

Exsurgo Strong and Fit is a strength and conditioning and personal training gym in Sterling, Virginia. The gym offers a range of private and semi-private personal training and small group training classes, as well as specialized Obstacle Course Training, team training, youth athlete development, athlete testing, and nutrition coaching.

Having always had a passion for health and fitness, Immie Cross moved from the UK to California, where she achieved an advanced personal training certification. After spending a few years working in corporate fitness, Immie saw an opportunity to create a unique training environment and set up her own business in California.

During this time, Exsurgo Strong and Fit was operating in Silicon Valley, owned and run by Greg Lutton. Greg is the Virginia State Director of the National High School Strength and Conditioning Association, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS), and a USAW Level2 Coach. In 2017, Immie and Greg moved to Virginia, where they consolidated their separate businesses into one under the same name. 

Today, Exsurgo Strong and Fit is based in Sterling and run by both Immie and Greg. Immie is a professional athlete who competes across the US as an obstacle racer with the Spartan Pro Team. She is also a certified Spartan SGX coach and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach. With thousands of hours of training and coaching under her belt, she channels her passion and experience into teaching Obstacle Course Training and using evidence-based, goal-oriented training to deliver results for the studio’s members. 

In recent months, the business has successfully pivoted to providing online training to survive and thrive through various lockdowns. As restrictions are lifting, Exsurgo is welcoming members back to the studio for small group training sessions and will continue to run its online sessions for the foreseeable future.

Glofox is easy to use. It does everything you need it to, so it enables you to have and maintain great relationships with your clients.

Immie Cross and Greg Lutton

The Challenge? Finding a user-friendly software solution to streamline business operations and enhance member experience

Before Glofox, Exsurgo faced frequent frustrations with its previous software, which lacked features that the business needed to run efficiently, and was complicated to use:

“We really didn’t like the system. Greg was the one using it most, and it lacked so many simple things that we needed to make our lives easier.”

Instead of supporting and accelerating business operations, it created problems and unnecessary admin:

“One of the most inconvenient things was that you couldn’t pause memberships. When we needed that function, we’d have to literally cancel it and then restart it again. It’s such a simple feature, and it was frustrating that we didn’t have it.”

A clunky user-experience meant that Immie and Greg were unable to use the software to its full functionality:

“I think the software had an app for bookings, but we didn’t use it because we had no idea how to! For most tasks, we’d just be clicking around on things, not sure where we were going. It was really difficult.”

Ultimately, the software was disappointing; it didn’t deliver the functionality that Immie and Greg expected and was more of a hindrance to the business than a support.

How Has Glofox Helped? Providing Exsurgo with features that enable the business to deliver a seamless member experience and increase revenue

Exsurgo needed a new solution, one that would streamline operations and provide staff and members with a straightforward user experience. Right from the beginning, they were confident they had found the right fit with Glofox:

“Glofox is so much easier to use. And it might sound pretty basic, but it’s also nicer to look at; it’s laid out in front of you in a much more sensible way than our old provider.”

For Exsurgo, the Membership Pause is a transformative feature that allows Immie and Greg to be flexible to their members’ needs:

“The Membership Pause is so useful, and I can’t tell you how great it’s been over the last few months with Covid. It’s made it easy for us to be more flexible. And it’s literally no problem going through the steps to pause someone’s account; go online, select the date, hit pause, and boom!”

Glofox also gives Immie and Greg the insights they need to tailor and improve their offering and schedule:

“Monitoring the attendance for each class is important because we need to know what’s doing well. Like if attendance isn’t great, what can we do to improve it? You can figure out where to start by comparing different classes and what’s going well. Maybe we just need to move it to a different day or time.”

Immie and Greg can now pinpoint potential growth areas quickly with these easy-to-access key insights. The in-depth data allows them to be proactive rather than reactive and identify solutions to problems more quickly. Analytics aside, the app has become one of Exsurgo’s best-valued Glofox features:

“Switching over to Glofox was perfect timing. The app is just fantastic, especially with Covid, because it’s really streamlined everything. It’s so straightforward to use; when we have new members, I send out a text with just four simple steps for them to follow – and then they’re up and running.”

By providing a seamless booking experience, Immie and Greg can build and maintain strong relationships with their members:

“It’s so easy for both us and our members to use. People ask for something, and I can instantly say ‘no problem.’ There’s never any difficulty; Glofox is easy to use and does everything you need it to, so it enables you to have and maintain great relationships with your clients.”

Having software that’s simple to use means Immie and Greg can make the most of its features, streamline day-to-day operations, and ultimately; drive more revenue for the business. Between December 2020 and February 2021, Exsurgo’s revenues grew by 72%.

What’s Next for Exsurgo?

Exsurgo has been hugely successful since its pivot to providing online classes, as the business can now reach a previously untapped audience. Currently, 75% of the people they train are in different states, and Immie has become a highly sought-after online trainer through word-of-mouth referrals.

2021 continues to be an exciting time for Immie and Greg, as in the coming months, Exsurgo is moving to a large new location in Ashburn, where the business will continue to expand its offerings. Once everything is up and running at the new premises, Immie and Greg also hope to begin creating at-home workout programs. 

The new premises will offer everything Exsurgo currently has at a much larger scale, including Obstacle Course Racing, a Strength and Conditioning Zone, an Athlete Testing Centre and the exciting new addition of a bike park.

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