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Glofox Provides a Management System Which Helps Bam Bam Boogie Grow at Scale


107% Increase in Members in 7 months

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  • Location
    5 Locations across London
  • Services offered
    HIIT, cardio and mediation practices through dance
  • Most-valued Glofox features:
    The member app and client tracking tool

About Bam Bam Boogie

Bami Kuteyi started working out at the beginning of 2016. Working as an advertising executive in a large multinational tech company was demanding and exercise was an outlet through which Bami found she could boost her physical and mental energy. Having found exercise to be therapeutic, and wanting to share her love of dance, she decided to start her own fitness community.

“I decided I wanted to pass this joy onto others through inclusive, diverse and inspirational fitness classes and that’s when Bam Bam Boogie was born.”

Upon becoming certified in Personal Training, Nutrition and Spin, Bami left her corporate job to concentrate on her passion in fitness and in 2018 Bami decide to commit to Bam Bam Boogie full time. Bami’s energetic, inclusive, addictive and fun approach to health and wellness has ensured that she keeps her members coming back for more!

“With Glofox, our member experience is second to none! Our clients love the check-in experience.”

Bami Kuteyi from Bam Bam Boogie

The challenge?

For a rapidly growing fitness business, managing the surge in clients was difficult for Bami.

“I wanted to grow but I didn’t have a system that could manage my business growth. Managing all my clients’ information and tracking exactly how many members I had at each class was taking too much time. I was finding it difficult to manage the number of bookings I had coming in every day.”

Bami acknowledges the importance of a good member experience. Having used substandard software in the past, Bami was acutely aware of choosing studio management software that would enable her business to thrive.

“The booking system I had before was unfriendly for clients to use, and didn’t provide them with the experience I wanted them to have.”

How Has Glofox Helped?

Glofox has been essential for Bami to build her brand and establish a presence in an already oversaturated industry:

“Glofox is so much more professional and sleek-looking than our previous software. People trust the system and enjoy the process and that has had a knock-on effect in them believing in our brand more.”

Bam Bam Boogie originated out of Bami’s experience of the transformative effect that exercise can have on the mind and body and it was an experience that Bami was determined to share. Glofox has helped Bami to increase class uptake by providing a trial option, opening her doors to new members. The lead capture form also enabled Bami to secure their information, making it easier to follow up with these engaged leads at the end of their trial.

“The trial form on the website has been working really well. Not only are clients enjoying the benefits of trying classes for a lower price without the full investment, but we are able also able to capture full details of the client for following up with. It’s a great advantage!”

Bami’s dream has quickly become a reality and her classes have caught on to roaring success. The sharp increase in clients and members means that providing that personalized experience to over 2,000 members would be a challenge however the Glofox platform has helped to cut admin time and streamline processes.

“With Glofox I can go through my appointments and schedules, add memberships, make notes and edit classes in moments. I’m also loving the kiosk for members to check-in so I can spend less time on admin and more time engaging with the Bam Bam Boogie community!”

What’s Next for Bam Bam Boogie?

With the success of Bam Bam Boogie to date, Bami has no plans to slow down. Exciting times are ahead for young fitness entrepreneur as she intends to spread her love for inclusive, diverse and inspirational fitness classes by going global!

“Be prepared for a Bam Bam Boogie global takeover! I want more franchises in new continents where we can continue to grow our exciting and diverse fitness community!”

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Don’t just manage your gym, grow it by creating a member experience that retains members.

“Once we started using Glofox, our admin time shot down by 95% immediately. It boosted my productivity and gave me the physical and mental availability to be in the studio and on the floor where I could really make a difference."
Stephen Weinmann
Founder BikeRowSki

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