Glofox Helps Amrita Yoga to Differentiate From Competitors in a Saturated Market

Key benefit

Building a Unique Member Experience to Set Her Studio Apart from Stiff Competition

  • Location
    Philadelphia North and South
  • Services offered
    Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Rebounding
  • Most-valued Glofox features:
    Glofox app, strike feature, easy-to-use software

About Amrita Yoga and Wellness

Heather Rice, founder of Amrita Yoga, is a seasoned veteran in the fitness scene having worked in the industry since 1998; practicing yoga, massage therapy and ayurveda. It was nine years ago that she identified a need that she was determined to fulfil; yoga, meditation and movement that would be accessible to people at all stages of their life journey in a welcoming environment.

“I decided to open up a studio to suit everybody at all stages of their lives and every desire to do yoga; whether it is for stress relief, physical fitness and exercise, spirituality or to complement something else that they do. Yoga, movement and meditation shouldn’t be exclusive and that is what inspired me to open an inclusive space like Amrita.”

Having just opened the second Amrita yoga space in Philadelphia, Heather is focused on building a loyal and committed community where members will be enabled to find balance, become awakened and to thrive.

‘We’re continuing to grow and Glofox is helping us to fulfil our vision for our business.”

Heather Rice from Amrita Yoga

Her challenge? Finding the right management software

For Heather, building a happy and committed community is key:

“As our community has continued to evolve, we wanted to evolve with them and ensure that we supported them on their journey.”

Heather came to recognise that the yoga management software she was using was not fulfilling the needs of the business.

“The functionality of our previous software provider was questionable. The software was quite glitchy and wasn’t very user-friendly. It made for a lot of frustration and loss of time.”

Another area which Heather found to be a challenge was the saturation of the industry as time went on. For Amrita Yoga and Wellness, it was imperative that they created a strong brand and presence which would differentiate them from their competitors. Heather felt that her previous provider hindered the studios growth:

“Our previous app presence meant that you would be listed alongside your competitors. It really doesn’t make sense to me as to why anyone would want to be listed alongside competitors when it is such a crowded industry.”

How has Glofox helped? Building a committed community

Glofox has been instrumental in helping Heather to build the loyal and committed following that she envisioned for Amrita Yoga and Wellness. Using the lead management tools, she has been enabled to identify members at different stages of their lifecycle and communicate with them effectively.

“Glofox allows us at Amrita to really get to know the members of our community – who’s coming and when, what engagement they have with the studio and what stage of their journey that they are at. Managing the customer lifecycle and knowing when to contact them and how to guide them to ensure they stay, grow and evolve with us is important. It has helped our sales greatly!”

Amrita Yoga has a wide and varied client and teacher base and for Heather, it was important that booking into a class was a straightforward process for both the teachers and the clients and the Glofox app has enabled this:

“All of our clients love using the branded app. It is so easy for them and so that has become a big thing that people comment on as they can finally manage their reservations better.”

Another feature which has been very successful in the studio is the implementation of the personalised cancellation policy.

“The Glofox strike feature has been great in creating a more sustainable cancellation policy which hold people to be accountable which has increased members dedication to their practice.”

As a result of this feature, class numbers have become more steady and stable with the biggest improvement being that Amrita studio is seeing numbers grow and the community grow happier.

What’s next for Amrita Yoga?

At present, Heather and her team are focused on continuing to build the Amrita community in Philadelphia, however, the roaring success of her second studio has highlighted to Heather that the need for inclusive health and wellness practices still remains. Although no immediate plans have been put in place, exciting times are ahead with the hope that the new Amrita studios will come into fruition in the next 2/3 years,

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