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70% Increase in Leads
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  • Location
    Louisville, Kentucky
  • Services offered
    Strength Training for women
  • Most-valued Glofox features:
    Client tracking tool and the Glofox app

About Ambition Fitness

Although Katie Daniel had forged a successful career in health and wellness sales she always knew that a career in fitness was her future, and one day she decided to make it a reality. She started Ambition Fitness in 2018 in Louisville, KY to fulfil a need that she saw in the market – strength training geared specifically towards women. She wanted to create a space where women could participate in and benefit from weight training without the intimidation.

Katie has been on this journey now for little under a year, and loves that she can get her members results and keep them coming back for more. Her personalized approach to building plans and adding structure to her member’s fitness journey has been key to her member engagement and retention success.

“My girls LOVE the Glofox app. That’s a huge advantage of using Glofox.”

Katie Daniel from Ambition Fitness

Her challenge? Building the best customer experience

For Katie, member experience is everything:

“Our classes are 45 minutes long, so it has to be an experience. That 45 minutes is our entire business, so that class has to be perfect. The timing, the pace, the music.”

But balancing the challenges of being a business owner – the daily running of the studio, engaging with members, managing staff, marketing the business – on top of her daily admin duties was a nightmare and wouldn’t have left time to build the experience her members are looking for. She also needed a way of empowering her trainers to pitch in:

“With all the elements I need to deal with as a business owner, I can’t take the time to babysit my trainers – they need to be able to take the reins.”

How has Glofox helped? Adding the personal touch!

Glofox has been key in helping Katie to build a personalized experience that makes her studio unique:

“For me, Glofox allows me to monitor my client engagement, and to get to know my customers – who’s coming, who’s not, what classes they like. It all helps in creating a personalized experience for my clients. My business is based on results but also in making sure that their experience is personalized, and with Glofox I can do just that!”

The direct link Katie has with her members using the Glofox member profile means she has more impactful conversations with them when they get to the studio, and Glofox makes this information easy to access and manage. The ease of use means she saves time on admin with class scheduling and member booking, and her trainers can easily jump into the system to pitch in as well.

From a member perspective, Glofox also has features that make their lives easy for bookings and payments and sets Katie apart from the competition:

“My girls LOVE the Glofox app. That’s a huge advantage of using Glofox.”

What’s next for Ambition Fitness?

Competition for members in Louisville is about to get a lot stiffer, with some big players coming into the market. Katie is stepping up her social media and marketing game, and is confident that her unique member experience will set her apart as she continues to grow Ambition Fitness.

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Don’t just manage your gym, grow it by creating a member experience that retains members.

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